Counting nine cold days to keep more porridge

Counting nine cold days to keep more porridge

Numerous cold days of health and more porridge in winter, the yin is prosperous and extremely extreme, and the yang is slightly re-emerged.

In the winter, we must conform to the natural changes, and the spirit and emotions should be quiet and free, and the gloom will not be sought.

In daily life, it is necessary to intentionally change bad emotions and invigorate the spirit.

Food supplement is especially important in winter nursery.

In winter, the temperature is too low. In order to maintain a certain amount of heat, the body must increase the body’s sugar, traces and protein decomposition to produce more energy and adapt to the needs of the body, so it is necessary to eat alternative sugar, trace, protein and vitamin foods.

At the same time, the cold also affects the human urinary system, urinary excretion increases, sodium, potassium, calcium and other inorganic salts can also be discharged with the urine, so you should eat more potassium, sodium, calcium and other inorganic salt foods.

You can eat more vegetables, and increase the internal organs, lean meat, fish, eggs and other foods.

Chicken, turtle, turtle, mutton, longan, lychee, walnut meat, fungus and other foods, not only delicious, but also add protein, lipid, calcium and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, and even add to the cold in winterThe calories burned can nourish and nourish the blood, and it is especially suitable for those who are weak.

Porridge has a history of thousands of years, and medicinal porridge is a better diet for medical treatment and combination of medicine and food.

It is the role of taking medicine as food and ingesting food medicine. The medicine relies on porridge and porridge to help the medicine. It has high nutritional value, can prevent disease and cure disease, and strengthen health.

Black sesame porridge ingredients: 25 grams of black sesame seeds, 50 grams of previous rice.

Practice: Black sesame seeds are fried and cooked at the end of the meal. The previous rice is washed and black sesame seeds are cooked in the pot. After boiling, the simmer is used to cook the porridge.

Efficacy: tonic liver and kidney, nourish the five internal organs.

The party is more vulnerable to the replacement of the weak and middle-aged people, and has the effect of preventing premature aging.

Ejiao yam porridge ingredients: Ejiao 10 grams, 50 grams of yam, rice amount, salt or sugar amount.

Practice: Ejiao mashed, yam peeled diced, cooked with rice in a pot, add salt or sugar to taste according to their own taste.

Efficacy: Ejiao is flat, sweet, into the liver, kidney, lung.

Yam is sweet, into the spleen, kidney.

Ejiao, yam and rice porridge, have spleen and lung, nourishing yin and lungs.

Suitable for people with spleen and lung weakness.

Ejiao eight-treasure porridge ingredients: 250 grams of glutinous rice or yellow rice, peanuts, rock sugar, 50 grams of red beans, longan, lotus seeds, 30 grams of glutinous rice, 15 grams of donkey-hide gelatin.

Practice: Put glutinous rice or yellow rice, peanuts, red beans, lotus seeds, glutinous rice, longan into the pot, stew for one and a half hours, add rock sugar, gelatin, until it melts.

Efficacy: nourishing yin and blood, strengthening the body and prolonging life.

Only general blood deficiency patients and men, women and children tonic care.