Xie Xun had already heard the sound of Chengkun.,More angry、I want to rush out of the dungeon,Cave in the cavity。

Directly accused by Chu Deirers,The round is very busy and sad:“Amitabha,How to do this?The poor is cast in the past,And even attractive children to make more killing,Although I went into Buddha,Day memorial Buddhist scriptures,But the heart is still in peace,This is to……Silent,I can add my mind in my heart.。
I happened to see Chu Jue and the three teacher Beti.,The poor did not dare to disturb。”
The round is still in compliance with the people in Jujianzhuang.——Identity is demolished、Fantasy is exposed,The round is no struggling to redeemed that he is Chengkun.,None denied things that will be detained.。
Be there.,They all show that they have a bitter、At any time, you can sacrifice yourself to make up.。
“what!You kill the family’s enemy,It is not very simple to make the victim’s mind.?You cut your head,Lion King is a lot。”Chu Deiren heard the confused。
“If so, you can add more people to others.,I can tell if the owner,Nor。”Round special emphasis,I don’t want to add more people.。
However, the Chu Deiren seems to be as if it is not understanding.,Bother:“it is good!”
Then the voice is not falling,I saw it a blurred figure.,At present, there is a round。
Round is really listening“boom”Sound,Distance from the distance before his throat,The skin can even feel the air explosion,But still endure……
really,Be a typhoon、Ferrapecium can’t kill the ruins in their faces,Just when the Chu Deirers hit their throat,Blade cross out、Blocking the Chu Deirers!
“Amitabha,Yuan Zhen Shi,I will never cover Shaolin.,Since Xie Xun’s things,Have him……That is waiting for the Tusa Conference,More than a group of group,Give a chance to the rivers and lakes。”Doudang。
Although Sanfu also began to suspect,But after all, the other party is still Shaolin disciples,Especially still the disciple of Bei Shaolin,So, when it is in the face of Chu Deirers。
“Then before the Taura Conference,Flore、Or what is the lion king??”Chu Deirers don’t ask for it。
“Barble by the old man。”Embarrassment,Solemn, a Buddha。
“How to bear?”Chu Deirers continue to watch him,I have written an answer in my eyes.。
Eye also understands Chu deer,Launch:“A life dependent life!”
“it is good!The Shaolin remember this today,and……What is the conspiracy?,Get a corpse,Tell me is a round,Do not believe in the date。”Chu Deirers said in advance。
“Amitabha。”Du Hou did not speak again,However, it is obviously。
In this point in the dungeon,Xie Xun also angered,Obviously it is already in an art,Chu Deirers are close to several steps,Xie Xun said:“Lion King and first,Waiting for the first day of June,Ding Education Lion Parents Revenge。”
Xie Xun heard the words of Chu Deirers,This only points a bit……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 763 polite
When the Chu Deeman left the small yard of Sandu,The round is left inside,Probably Sanfu will ask this Northern Shaolin’s teacher,Together“Hint”To the Tusa Conference!
This time Chu Deirens don’t have to distinguish between,Directly came to Tibetan Basic Pavilion——Not afraid to go to the hospital,Because only this road leaves,Have a clean!
It’s not a sweeping,It’s just sweeping genius.……
Chu Deirers think this is not to welcome yourself,only……Since passing through,By the way, it sweeps.。
Sure enough, I was cleaned along the way.,Chu Deiren saw Tibetan Basic Pavilion,At this time,Already an old monk is swept。
“kindness?”Chu Deirers are far away,This sweeping,Come out that he exists,And it is possible to feel his martial arts!
It is not weak to say weak.,Aunt and have a weak first,Upper and down the temple,Can also be rushed to the top ten,But to say this is a sweeping,Unfalanced play……
Go near,Chu Deiren found this eyes,Especially this is like a lame.,Very passive!
“Old man?”Chu Deirens recognized,This sweeping place is not a person in front of him.,It is the leader of my own three brothers Yanqing。
Duan Yanqing lifted the folk face,I saw the Chu Deirent.,The face of the face is not moving with belly spectacular:“There is no paragraph of this place.,There is only an old monk.。”
“You are old in Shaolin.?Not me talk about you,Do you have a temple?……”Chu Deirers are not seen outside,Just like it is the second uncle next door.:Don’t our home??Why do you want to read what agricultural university in the city?。