But he found,In the eyes of this proud woman,Except money,No man can enter her eyes。Which upstart who came last time, Mr. He,Wait for someone to have a contract,Hu Huiru’s attitude towards him changed drastically。

Of course,She has this capital,In her eyes,Just plant a plane tree,I’m not afraid I won’t be able to recruit Golden Phoenix。And this President He was also conquered by Hu Huiru’s wealth,So even if Hu Huiru changed his attitude towards him,He can bear it。Because he is also for money。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai couldn’t help laughing。As long as Hu Huiru ignores Mr. He,Then he has a chance。Because Hu Huiru said in front of him,The saplings sent to Mr. He in the future,Unit price is one cent,But he can send more saplings to others。
How much is this?Two are some,Two hundred trees are also some。With this right,He Wang Youcai has the capital to cooperate with Mr. He。
“Oh, brother Wang!what are you thinking about?See you happy”Tian Wa knocked on the door profusely and walked in。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“I’m thinking about which nouveau riche Mr. He”
“Oh!You are talking about the guy with a thick necklace on his neck?This guy can fucking pretendB。President Hu’s worth is much higher than him,I didn’t see how aggressive Hu was”Tian Wa said,So I poured myself a glass of water。
Wang Youcai pointed under the bed and said:“Beer below,Drink a bottle to quench your thirst,Let’s go to the city,I have to know this, Mr. He。But this guy didn’t even leave a phone call,I don’t know where to find him”
“Hi!Someday when he left,Secretly stuffed me a business card,I don’t know what he means,Almost threw it”Tian Wa said,So I found it in my pocket,Really found a business card。
Wang Youcai took a look,See it says“Pingdu Garden Green Flower Co., Ltd.,General Manager He Shijie,Below is his mobile phone number and office phone number”
“nice!If you are an individual, start a fucking company,We’re really a fool”Wang Youcai sneered and stood up,He is really not convinced。
Tian Wa picked up the water cup and blew:“Wang Ge,We don’t envy this,If you want to start a company,Your company will definitely be bigger than theirs。But it is not necessary,There are many things when you start a company,How good are we now,No risk”
“Ok!This is the truth,But no matter how good we do,Are working for others。Wait to make a lot of money,I still want to start a company,This is so much face。I’ll get you a manager or something,It’s a decent one”Wang Youcai said,Picked up the small bag on the table。
Tian Wa quickly drank two sips of water,Smiled and said to Wang Youcai:“You wait for me,I’ll send something to Liu Changgui,Let’s go when we come back”
“You tell Liu Changgui by the way,Ship to order。Strictly check the quantity,One more tree can’t be given to others。and also,It’s just that the weather is getting hotter,See if you want to water the saplings at night”Wang Youcai arranged for Tian Baby loudly。
Tian Wa responded,Ran into the tool room。Liu Ying in the kitchen heard the voice,He put his head out the door and took a look,He asked with a smile:“No need to eat here tonight?”
“Going to the city。If the kitchen needs something,You just let Liu Changgui pick up to buy it。The weather is getting hotter,Need to raise fire food a bit。and also,Can you give them some water during the halfway?”Wang Youcai suddenly became kind。
Because he walked into the yard,I felt the power of the big sun。Compare,Which workers are working in the sun,Isn’t it hotter。
“No problem with boiling water,But I don’t have time to give them,Let Captain Liu send someone to pick it up by himself!”Liu Ying said unhappy。After all,Her workload has increased again,Do you say she can be happy?