2021 Zhongguancun Forum Opening: Set 6 large sections to host 60 activities

People’s Network Beijing September 25 (Dong Zairui) September 24th, the 2021 Zhongguancun Forum officially kicked off.

It is understood that 2021 Zhongguancun Forum takes "Wisdom, Health · Carbon" as the theme, 5 days, a total of 6 major sections, hold 60 activities, and holds a series of normal activities throughout the year.

During the forum, the Beijing Science and Technology Awards related awards will be issued. Focusing on the frontiers and hot topics of science and technology, there is a 25-way parallel forum, inviting Chinese and foreign guests to conduct the subject of theme. It will also release a number of major innovative research results such as "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Ethics" and long-lived superconducting quantum bits. In the same period, the Zhongguancun Forum Exhibition (Kobe), setting 5 venues and other 5 venues, more than 500 Chinese and foreign companies will show the latest results, focus key core technology and original innovation, highlight artificial intelligence, biomedicine, and technology Winter Olympics And other industries, exhibiting the scientific and technological achievements, creating a "boutique exhibition" for the world-oriented, medium and medium-sized and medium-sized enterprises and start-up enterprises, and link capital markets. The Forum will also organize the 20021 Zhongguancun International Frontier Technology Innovation Competition Biomedical, Integrated Circuit Domain Finals. In 2021, Zhongguancun International Frontier Technology Innovation Competition was "leading the front technology, helping digital economy" as the theme, focusing on biomedicine, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, through the way to open a batch of public development through the contest, open a batch of ownership The world’s first, the world’s leading frontier technical projects and companies, and the joint garden actively promotes the project in Zhongguan village. In addition, the Forum will also host a Zhongguancun International Technology Trading Conference, including 15 activities such as new technology new products, gather more than 500 new technologies.

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2021 Zhongguancun Forum adheres to the philosophy of "Science and Technology Office", in smart service, scientific and technological epidemic prevention, on-site effects, clouds on the forum, interactive experience, to apply nearly 30 technologies, let participants feel the whole process, The scientific and technological application of the full scene is coming in the future. It is understood that the Zhongguancun Forum was founded in 2007 to "innovation and development" as a permanent topic. After years of development, the Forum has gradually developed into internationally-level open innovation platforms, and has become an important international interaction window that represents the country’s active participation in world science and technology innovation, deeply participating in global scientific and technological governance, showing new development concepts, and enhancing international discourse rights. . (Editor: Yin Xingyun, Guo Yafei) Sharing let more people see.