“Oh!”He Bu was not good at words,I didn’t know what to ask。

The two continue to play happily,After all one is a child,One is a teenager,They just feel that they have something in common,But didn’t think deeply,I don’t even think that I am different from others。
Maybe Xiao Long Bao is too young,Don’t know how to distinguish,But He Bu is from the bottom of his heart,I don’t want myself to be different from others,He actually resists this difference。
“He Bu!”At this moment,Teacher Lu’s voice came from behind。
He Bu turned around,Seeing Teacher Lu was standing in front of me some time。
“Take this medicine down,Then use《Basic tactics》Control the power in your body to fight!Without my permission,Don’t let the power of light burst again,Can it be done?”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
He Bu nodded,Took the pill from Teacher Lu,He recognizes this pill,On the duel stage,He just took a pill like this,Burst of power,Major Mausen。
Swallow the pill in one bite,Sure enough, I immediately felt the surging power from my belly.。
This powerful sense of reality,It feels very different from the burst of light,I was unconscious at that time,As if the body turned into a bottomless pit,Constantly devouring the surrounding energy,Endless,And now it feels,But a more real power,The power that can be mastered by oneself,Priority,High and low,All under control。
“Go find Uncle Mao to practice!He should be very interested in teaching you。remember,Without my permission,Never use the power of light pattern in the future。”Lu Menglin said with a smile,One side
Bent over and picked up the dumplings。
“And you!small things,Do not use light patterns on tabby cats anymore,Spank you!”Lu Menglin stared at Xiao Long Bao and scared。
Xiao Long Bao twisted his body desperately,Yelling,“Dad is worse!I want Aunt Xue,The bag is looking for Aunt Xue。”
Three days later,Lu Menglin took Su Xuehen and Jin Soyan,And He Bu and Wei Xiaoxing,Five people fly back to the capital,Back to Beibu University。
I heard that teacher Lu Lin has returned to the martial arts department of Beiwu University,All the martial arts freshmen can’t wait to run out of class,Go to Teacher Lu,Listen to his lecture。
Because this teacher Lu’s experience is really legendary,And the experience he brings to the students is too fresh,It’s hot and hot!
Less than half a month since school started,He dared to bring a group of freshmen into the red zone,They are together,Miraculously completedAHunting mission,Won an extremely generous reward from the military。
And the major officer accompanying them,For oneSTask,Abandon the students as bait,The heroic teacher Lu blocked the mutant creatures for the students,Bought time for everyone to escape。