Accompanied by space device activation,Contains team of flowers and plants7Team members100A player follows the purple summoning crystal,Be assigned to“Rainforest”Every corner of the battlefield。

In the battle of glory“Rainforest”map,Is the Gun of Glory Generation“Rain forest”Improved version of the map,The biggest change is that the map is bigger,And no longer a single Amazon basin,But added many wooden houses and thatched houses,There is a town,More resource points on the map,But the corresponding will also bring more intense confrontation。but,If the player wants to make a“LYB”,There are not too many hiding places on the map,This map is simply“Gou’s play”Inheritor Guo Yinzhe“heaven”。
“Boss Guo?Let’s have a temporary ally first?”Zhang Song found himself closest to Guo Yinzhe after parachuting,So invited。
“Never!People like you will betray your master at any time,Isn’t there a spy planted by my side??”Guo Yinzhe directly and ruthlessly refused。
“Yo yo yo yo,Dislike Laozi in the way?”Zhang Song has a hot face and a cold ass。
“correct,Tell Master Lu,I changed my mind,Tell him,Go after collecting the equipmentRpoint(Ruins)The ruins meet the gun!”
“My master said,His current position is a bit far from there,probably8About a minute,You don’t die too early,At least wait for him to get there!”In fact, the second half of the sentence was temporarily added by Zhang Song himself,Don’t look at it, it really works,Immediately stimulated Guo Yinzhe。
“I told you, don’t worry, wait for me,Actually still asking,Do you look down on people like that??!”For this bad breath,Guo Yinzhe decided not to make any reservations today,Let Master Lu get to know his new profession“Mechanical pioneer”The power of。
Pass complete“Extraordinary technology”Task,Guo Yinzhe realized,“pioneer”That means always maintaining a passion for science and invention,Especially in the field of mechanical automation,This profession has achieved a breakthrough in the history of science,And look forward to all my inventions to be at the pinnacle of science。He saw in himself“Mechanical armor”versus“Mechanical beetle”,These great inventions from my own private laboratory,Should not be buried in the long river of time,And he,A player who became the top ten player of the profession in the world,Will be the patron saint of the god of forging and the pioneer of extraordinary technology。
And just after Guo Yinzhe didn’t know where his thoughts diverged,Heard an explosion in the distance,Then there is a system announcement:“Three Caves‘Kill’FP.Ermapingchuan;Huanglian Shangqing‘Kill’FP.XiaoZ!”
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