Looking at Sun Yutire gradually,Li Hui’s heart is still can’t calm down for a long time.。

He has always had a fantasy,It is the circle of Lin City design,And Sun Yaru is the threat of the other party will be so lie.,But now it seems,Everything is just his wishful wish.。
Zhou Miao Miao listened to the contradiction between Li Hui and Sun Bingren,Also curious。
When I got a bus to get on the bus,She still can’t help but ask:“Senior,Are you really doing??
The girlfriend that Li Hui Feng really is so worried.?”
Sun Bingren is not good.,Zhou Miao is like this,The fire in my heart is almost broke out.。
“Um,Don’t you go to decene like this??
Don’t I am so unbearable in your heart??
I am a little person.,Also true。”
Finish,Sun Yutire is close to the window,One foot throttle fly away。
Zhou Miao looked at the Audi car,He is also angry,She has a lot of good feelings about Sun Benren.,But she just asked this sentence.,Pair of convenience to her,If you really have to contact it later.?
I immediately took out the phone directly.,Remove the other party from a friend list,The heart is also a breather.,After all, she can bring the opponent back to it.。
The advantage is that this recognition is not further developed.。
When she came back,Just saw Li Hui Rong and a few experts talking to,Just that occasionally coming out of the sadness,She still feels。
“dad,I am back。”
“Um,Come back,Let’s return to your task,You can do it well。”
Zhou Miao is heard that this is coming,Laugh:“What anything?”
Her heart actually has an answer,It must not let her continue to interact with Sun Yiren.,After all, the previous series has proved that Sun Bingren is not a person worthy of a life.,Even if you fall in love, it is not a good choice.。
Zhou Shengjie mysterious smile,Then Li Hui said with a few experts in not far away.:“Xiao Li brothers,Come over。”
Li Hui Feng is talking to a few experts to talk about the grafting of fruit trees.,But I suddenly heard Zhou Shengjie’s drink,Can’t help but。
“Zhou boss,You are looking for me?”
“Hey-hey,Yes,For a while, let my baby daughter drive you back.,Then you modulate the vibrant solution and bring you back.,This is much better than you take a taxi.。”
I haven’t waited for Li Hui to refuse,Zhou Shengjie has also opposite Zhou Miao Road:“Baffle,Your task is to take care of Xiao Li,Of course, if you can learn about Xiao Li, it is better.。”
Zhou Miao is still not understanding Dad’s meaning,A pretty face red,I want to reject but I don’t know how to refuse.,She does not reject but still。
“Forehead,Zhou boss,I oppose this matter。”
Chapter 42 Returning village
Li Hui’s words will make Zhou Shengjie female faces。
Zhou Miao is even more humiliating,She is so big that she refuses that others have not seen others to refuse her.。
She suddenly felt that Li Hui is simply more than 10,000 times more than Sun Yiren.。
“Humph,You oppose?