At the end,The atmosphere of the scene is more dignified and depressed。

People in dozens of camps,All are surrounded by a jealous and alert.。
Here is enough here,Even if it is the holy,Not famous,At least there are hundreds of people。
But in the summer, only fifty people have entered the road of Changsheng.。
Many people have clearly realized,This is the summer’s positive。
Positive light eye。
Subsenterize them。
But they have no way,Can only respond。
So next,There will be a game between each other.。
“Jungle,Strongman is respect,Every camp out one person,Ranking[new fo],Front fifteen can enter,As for those single-character,Direct exclude。”
Some people put forward suggestions,Immediate attachment。
In fact, most people are such a mentality.。
They can come here,Also not to tell。
Or say,The fist is the truth。
As for those single-character,Although I am angry,But I don’t dare to stand out and express dissatisfaction.,I am afraid of being attacked by the group.。
……the other side,Summer came to Paris Hotel。
Just arrived at the door,A young woman wearing black welcomes up,Hand him a palm card,Say,“325Room。”
Summer nice head,Express thankfulness。
There are a lot of people from Moss Town in these days.,In addition to those who want to truly enter the road of Changsheng,Naturally there are many eye lines。
Youth is the heart of summer。
In addition to this,There are also many people who have a lively mentality.。
Many people and forces want to know,This summer opens the road of Changsheng,How many people will blow up。
Just enter the hotel room,The outside is knocking outside the door.。
Summer mouth hooked a touch radio,Open the door,Say,“I will know that you will come to me.。”
Come in a suit,More than forty years old,The appearance looks ordinary ordinary。
But the summer, but I speculate on each other’s identity.。
Liuhe Mountain。
“Summer,You are really a good calculation.。”
Liuhe Mountain walks into the room,Keep the door closed,Looked cold in the summer,“do you know,I am very easy to operate.,All are disrupted by you。”
Summer, the whole person to the sofa,Oblique,“It’s none of my business?
Moreover,When the decline begins,When you fall in the stone,Why don’t you say it?。”
Toned,Do not wait for each other,Face,Drink,“Have something to say,Put on the fart,I have no patience now.,But also……I still want to kill now now.!”
“you……”Liuhe Mountain is gloomy,双 阴 阴 翳,Dead stare at the summer。