Cultivate lifelong exercise habits is an important purpose of school sports

  Recently, a survey conducted by parents in the 1513-matched education stage showed that% of the interviewed parents said that their children had only two or less, and the intensity intensity is low (%), which is occupied by the master (%) It is an interviewery that the parents believe that the current physical education class is currently in the current physical education;% of the visited parents believe that it is necessary to raise attention to sports.

  In fact, in recent years, the importance of sports is increasingly accepted.

In April this year, the education authorities said that the sports subjects should be included in the scope of the high school, high school education level examination, incorporating the high school stage school exam enrollment and admission, and thus realize the school sports and school, education administration, local governments The political achievements are hook, and the teacher’s performance wages, title is hook, and the comprehensive evaluation of students will hook.

  As a result, if the school sports work is not good, the school and education administrative departments and the local government’s performance appraisal will be affected. In the current administrative system, such emphasis is not necessarily not much. However, why parents still feel that the physical education class does not play a role, why did the students still feel that the sports class is not interesting? For students in any stage, the important driving force of their learning is from interest and hobbies.

Therefore, the goal of the primary and secondary school sports class should help students discover the fun of sports, learn the preliminary skills of sports, and develop a habit of lifelong exercise.

In this middle, let the students feel that I am doing, I have been happy, not only for this ministerial score and short-term utilitarian goals such as the teacher’s satisfaction.

  A lot of adults, extrusion from busy work, paying high fitness costs, but also to exercise, is truthful to feel the fun and benefits of physical exercise.

From this point of view, whether it is a school or a physical education teacher, its main task of sports teaching activities is to exercise the students ‘body, combined with students’ interest in choosing sports, reaching the effect of cultivating students. In recent years, some schools explore the layered teaching of sports class, and students who are hobbies and horizontal are divided into a teaching group. This is the center of students’ physical fitness, paying attention to students’ self-experience, paying attention to students’ individual differences and different Demand, ensuring that each student has benefited from the idea of ??benefiting. At the moment, many schools set more physical education classes, fundamentally, or to achieve the configuration and matching of different courses, completing the teaching tasks issued by the education authorities. Many school sports classes, the impression of the students is the burden. It is the experience of failure. It is an unbearable experience and the inferiority caused by the unspecite. It has formed a student’s setback psychology. The sports class movement experience has become Heart disease and scar, in order to cause the shadow for a long time, the self-recognition positioning of the body is not high, which has become a potential exercise disorder. More critical is that in the current physical education class, students are difficult to discover the fun of sports, sports are treated as a strong life, and other courses become brain power … Notice, sports are the combination of physical strength and brain, and even beneficial intelligence activities. In real life, many parents regarded sports as a "seasoning", I feel that children are too nervous, relax through physical exercise, and the ultimate goal is to improve learning results.

  The so-called education, not only to fill the minds of the students, but also the body of students.

Good sports class should make students happy, have a desire to go to a class.

Only this can we really mobilize the students. The development of people’s sports habits is largely a sports class in the teenage age. (张 焱) (Editor: Liu Ying, Guanfei).