Since this,Then don’t look for it.,I hope that Cui Hua is gradually,Help her to find Liao Jie back。

Liao Gongzi is good、Good character、High,Anticipated,Xiao Shuang is only willing to be his 鬟鬟,Warm is nesting。
“Jie Ge is really”
Cui Hong graduated money bag Already a separate part Let his mood are also calm。
This other,Another friend can’t meet each other three years。
Half Cui Jin gradually saw the small frost crying two eyes red Good words:“Small frost,Press Jiege to do You are loaded with books and follow me,Go with me to take the test。You and rest assured Mo Zhen looks like a sister Since I marry her,From now on,You are my kisi,I will not let you be wronged.。”
Xiaoshuang has no main point of view I have to noddoke silently。
I can see that she is suffering. Cui Hong gradually squeezed a smile:“Small frost,Just temporarily separate,Three years later,Let’s go back to no one.,I am looking for me to pick up my brother. You find your son。”
“Really fake,I can’t really I recognize you as a sister.,Naturally, I will not lie to you.。”
Because Xiao frost has slightly a word Leading Liao Jie’s origin,Cui Jin gradually What did you understand?。
Liao Jie doesn’t want to bring a tragic bottle Just paying Xiaofeng to her. Said to pay,The fact is to transfer,When a teaped filling room。
Give money to give your sister,One time,Cui Hong gradually stressed,Directly can’t afford this kind of love。
but,Liao Jie Xiao looked at him Cui。
“Jiege,Jiege,I am a piece of I am.,I can’t install other women in my heart.,What’s more, it is a small frost of Mo Zhen.。Again,I am not forgotten,You are sincerely for me,This little 鬟,I will help you see the three years.,I will take it away after three years later.”
Cloudy rain,Muddy,Two fast horses。
“Ager,The bullies behind are still not?”
Former Sancha intersection,Yan Biai Biki Reins,Close the horse under the tree。
at this time,Already the fifth day of leaving Yunzhen Town,Xia Houjian passenger is chasing,Riding a fast horse after two people。
Seven years of chasing Yan Baxia,Xia Hou Swordsman’s tail is experienced,Deep knowing Yan Bixia’s point,Two people just left Yunxian Town,The post is still not landing,He rushed to the past。
Five days,Yan Chi-Qixia is not getting rid of him,I can’t afford to use the priest.。
The reason why there is no Samouman,In addition to this goods growing a dog nose,Thousands of miles of chasing people have lost hands,There is also a reason,Liao Jie rides the horizontal level,I want to come soon on the first day.。
Fortunately, there is a iron shirt bottoming,Not to grind two thighs,There are martial arts,Balance,Soon, I will master riding,Otherwise, the speed of the two people will only be slower.。
“Let me see”
Liao Jie double-eyed,And point to the eyebrow,Link connection,Find a trace of Xia Hou。
Two miles away,A black crow wings landing treetops,Gray eyes slippery with scarlet,As a metal is cold。
More than a month ago,Yan Chixia teaches Liao Jie and picking up the tape of the paper crane,Liao Jichen is different from this,Either it is deleted,Either there is an upgraded version,Ask Yan Chixia to get a complete heart method。
Dividend,A soul polymer
的 meaning,The stacked paper crane is auxiliary mental practice,Thoughts and relatives,Can be used for life。Division attached to the outside,Do some stealing chicken,Reverse falling down。
Liao Jie doesn’t think so,He has the skills of the auxiliary cultivation of the white paper,Think that this Tao surgery should take stealing chicken cough,It should be used to use investigations。
Because of the attachment of the living,The dead object made in the corpus is not good enough,Liao Jie studied a big burst,I didn’t find a suitable second black heir.。
Don’t decide your predecessors,Tuition fees,Yan Biai does not have to waste。
Liao Jie found Yan Chi,Know that there is a fox、yellow、White、willow、Gray five family fairy most easy,Fox、weasel、Hedgehog、snake、mouse,Among them, fox、weasel、Snake is the strongest。
Liao Jie wanted to give up,He wants the air advantage,Flying military mobility,The most suitable for investigation,These five psychic things can’t fly。
Yan Bixi wants to think,Give a second choice,Crow、owl、Magpie,Same as spirituality。