Han Shan Sishan nodded:“Row,That’s it.,You contact abroad,I don’t want to give up in the same country.。”

“In addition, I am ready to set up a sales department.,Then specialize in selling our vegetable plants。”
“Salary treatment directly with your ability,Five thousand wages,If you open a market, add 5,000 pieces directly.,So many supermarkets in the country,So many markets,I believe that as long as the treatment is awesome,There is no thing that does not do。”
“Row,I agree with these things you said.。”
Seeing Han Shanshan’s motivation,Li Hui Feng is also directly expressed。
for the rest of the time,Li Hui Hui is called the brigade of the island country.。
After all, Zhang Ai Tian and Baiyue Star are coming to investigation.。
It is also very profound about the impression of the second female.。
He believes that the business of making money,The other party has no reason not to do。
Originally he thought of talking on the beeter,But thinking that the main pickles of pickles are like kimchi.,He may not open the road in the past,It is temporarily gave up.。
Zhang Ai Tian did not expect Li Hui Fenghui to contact him.。
The general case is that she contacts Li Hui Feng.。
After all, the initiative of strawberries has been mastering in Li Hui’s hand.,But she has to admit it.,This thing about strawberry,Li Hui is indeed very big.。
“Lee Boss,How can I have time to call me??
Strawberry is familiar?”
“Hey-hey,no,I want to work with you a little different.,Is there interest?”
Zhang Ai Tian heard this,Also a glimpse。
More than people next to the beauty,Then gave the other side a look,Go out for convenience。
“Talk,What cooperation project,I am very interested in making money.。”
“Packing boutique,Taste super good small pickle,Low price,As long as you can open the sales,Then it is definitely a big sale of money.。”
Zhang Ai Tian also thought it was fruit and the like.。
Why do you think of a small pickle made of vegetables。
“Lee Boss,I am selling fruit.,Mainly fruit,Your small pickle is also there.,Unless I really have to comply with the requirements you said.,Otherwise I don’t feel how much money.。”
“First of all,Can you guarantee your side??
There is also a tax,Plus tariffs plus the profits I have to make,I am afraid that there is no such thing as you said.,On the contrary, it may be high.。”
“Second,The food safety control here is also quite strict.,So I have to be a long time for you here.,The key is that the price is low, it means that the profit is equally low.,Even if you double your profit,That is also a cheap double。”
“so,Lee Boss,You unless you convince my reason,Otherwise I don’t dare to cooperate this time with you.。”
Li Hui listened to the other party’s analysis,He is also a,He hasn’t ignored a lot of things before。
However, he is very confident about his own vegetable food.。
It’s just that you have confidence, it is not equal to the market.。
Hesitate,He only opened the road:“I can provide funding in the early stage,Let you try first,if not,Lost money is me,How about it?”
This is to let Zhang Ai Tian didn’t think。
Because unless there is a strong confidence, you will say this.,Otherwise, no one will give this condition.。
“make a deal,Our shackles are not shallow.,I believe in this time.,Don’t have to come in things,But your food security over your side,The handling can be complete,Otherwise, I am not good here.。”
I heard Zhang Ai Tian promised。
Li Hui is nature is also very happy.。
Finish,He went directly to find the leaves.。
Ye Shuangzhou’s ability to Li Anti-style is also a big unexpected,The vegetable foods in the vegetable factory actually export abroad,This is what he didn’t think.。
“Lee brother,I have to go to the county to give you a trip.,At the same time, you have to take a good relationship.,Not surprisingly,The county will definitely let the food safety department viewed,Re-audit。”
“Row,These I will cooperate here.。”