Anti-static, the first step is to moisturize

When the clothes are 噼 噼 啪 响, even Mars splash; clothes often stick to hair, 甩 甩 can’t get rid of; walking the skirt is particularly embarrassed; open the door to be "electric shock" … dry winter, static electricity is particularly troubles.

How to reduce these troubles? It is always static on your body. The following tricks are most convenient: 1. I will pay attention to body moisturizing.

Winter temperature, the humidity is low, the skin has been dry, and the static electricity is easily generated after rubbing.

You can apply your body milk every day, hand cream to strengthen moisturizing, moisturizing the skin, prevent static electricity. 2. Add room humidity. The humidifier can be placed in the room, one or two water or anti-static spraying, so that the dry air becomes humid, reducing the possibility of producing static electricity, can also keep the skin a water-grid state. 3. "Discharge" in advance. "Electric Shooting" phenomenon may appear before opening the window, in order to prevent it from being supplied, you can first hold a wide metal key head or other small metal devices, and then touch the metal doors and windows with the key tip, "let it" in advance The electricity on the body can be safe to open the window with your hand. When you touch something and people with your fingertips, you will have a significant tingling feel because of the instantaneous moment of static electricity. This is because the contact area is small, so the pain is more obvious. In this regard, the contact area can be increased, such as reaching out the entire palm to touch, so it will not be empty. Clothes love static electricity, choose right, wash. 1. Select the clothing fabric that is not easy to static. When the climate is dry, the chemical fiber clothing, the sweater is removed from the friction, and the chemical fiber contacts may also cause skin itching. Common chemical fiber materials include polyester fibers, polyester, acrylic, and the like.

So winter clothes (especially close-fitting underwear), household items, etc., do not choose cotton, hemp, silk or other anti-static material, it is best to easily and gently. 2. Use clothing soft agents. You can also add some clothing soft agents when washing clothes, not only makes clothes soft and smooth, but also reduces static electricity. In addition, many long-haired people are often static, they can try these tricks: 1. Use the shampoo containing silicone oil.

If the dry season is washed with silicone oil (especially dry hair), it is not only "fried", but it is easy to make your hair more furious. The shampoo containing the silicone oil can fill the gap of the hair mask, lower the friction between the hair, and it is not easy to produce static electricity, and the hair is more soft and smooth, relative is difficult to batch. 2. Use conditioner, essential oil, etc.

After using shampoo, you can reduce static electricity, essential oils, hair mask, etc., which can reduce static electricity to make hair. After the hair conditioner and hair mask need to be cleaned, the hair care essential oil can be applied when the end is half dry.

3. Do not use plastic comb. Plastic comb is easy to rub the friction, the hair combing can reduce hair static and knotted with a wide-teeth with a wider wooden comb, angle comb, or directly on the comb and hair.