Brokers’ cloud research since February 67 companies focus on two major sectors

Brokers’ “cloud research” since February 67 companies focus on two major sectors

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 Original title: “Cloud research” by 67 securities companies since February Source: 487 times from the beginning of the Year of the Mole, Securities Daily reporter Zhou Shang The annual report of “Spring Quotes” is expected, and the demand for stock exchanges and stock swaps by brokerage companies is not declining.Potential target.

Although affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the research pace of brokers has slowed down, and the “cloud research” conference call is the main method.

  According to the statistics of the “Securities Daily” reporter, since the market opened on February 3, 87 securities companies (including overseas securities companies) have investigated 67 listed companies, a total of 487 investigations.

15 listed companies have been surveyed more than 10 times by brokers, including Boya Biotech, BOE A, Mindray Medical, Venture Wellcome, Chow Tai Sang, Mayer Berke, Topway Information, Qixin Group, Shentianma A, Jinke Culture, Haoyun Technology, Yifan Pharmaceutical, Wanda Information, Mango Super Media, Zhaochi.

  Among them, Boya Biotech, BOE A, Mindray Medical, Venture Wellcome and other 4 listed companies have been investigated by securities firms more than 30 times.

  In addition, a reporter from the Securities Daily noted that from the perspective of industry distribution, since February, the listed companies studied by securities firms have mainly concentrated in the two hot industries of computer and medicine and biology.

Among them, the computer industry is the most favored. Twelve listed companies in the computer industry, such as Venture Health, Meyer Baker, and Haoyun Technology, are under investigation by the securities companies. The pharmaceutical and biological industries are closely followed.Listed companies in the biological industry also accept brokerage research.

  At the same time, Tan Jinyong, an analyst at Joaquin Securities, said, “The Internet industry itself is developing rapidly. The new crown pneumonia epidemic is the nation’s first online application experience in online education, telemedicine, and remote office work. It has a rare history.

In response to the crisis, client B will accelerate the construction of informatization. After a short-term downturn in the macro economy, it will continue to maintain a stable operation to provide guarantee for the long-term development of informatization construction.

“The current epidemic of new coronary pneumonia affects the hearts of the people throughout the country, and the bio-medical sector has also attracted investors’ attention. Therefore, Bohai Securities believes that the epidemic has only a short-term impact on the industry, causing the epidemic to be gradually controlled. The core assets of the pharmaceutical industry remain the focus of industry allocation.
In light of the current logic of innovation in drug price reduction, innovation is still the industry’s eternal theme. Investors are advised to continue to pay attention to specialty pharmaceutical leading pharmaceutical innovation-based drugs.

  It is worth noting that since February, the small and medium-sized board and the ChiNext are still the focus of brokerage research.

Among the 67 listed companies surveyed by securities companies, the main board accounted for 12, including one listed on the science and technology board; 27 small and medium-sized boards accounted for 28, GEM accounted for 28, and 55 small and medium-sized boards and GEM accounted for a proportion82.


Among the small and medium-sized boards, Zhou Dasheng and Topway Information have been investigated the most by securities companies, while GEM’s Boya Bio and Mindray Medical have also attracted the attention of securities companies.

On the main board, BOE A and Shentian Ma A were intensively researched by securities firms.

  Judging from the performance of 67 listed companies surveyed by securities companies, in the case of A-shares’ continuous decline and downtime, 16 companies have entered a downward trend since February this year, and the remaining 51 mergers are all growing, accountingThan 76.


  Specifically, since February of this year, of the 67 listed companies surveyed by securities companies, 18 have been expanding more than 20%, 8 have more than 30%, and 2 have more than 50%.

Among them, Fangzhi Technology, the period of continuous communication of the continuous growth rate was 84.

6%, 66.