“So you came?”Chen Gengcai figured out what Ji Sheng became would appear before him。

“Have no idea,”Ji Shengcheng wry smile:“bossofbossSpoke in person,what can I do?”
Chen Geng nodded:“Ok,Fortunately not youbossofbossofbossSpeak。”
“I think,But not enough,”Ji Shengcheng shrugged:“Oh,correct,minebossofbossLet me tell you a message。”
“The Wolfsburg car went to America,Are visiting some big figures in Congress,Hope to use the power of the government to stop your investment this time,You know,Although the relationship between China and the United States has improved,Some people still have……”His fingers made a circle around his temple:“You understand。”
“Yes,I know。”Chen Geng nodded,Of course he understands what Ji Shengcheng is talking about,Although the improvement of Sino-U.S. relations is the trend of the times,Is in the fundamental interests of the United States,Is also the general trend,But in the U.S.,There are always some people——These people are not small——In various、But it’s definitely not in the fundamental interests of the United States.,Desperately want to drive history backwards。
But what makes Chen Geng more interesting is the attitude of United Community Bank in this.,He asked with a smile:“So?As long as I borrow from the United Community Bank,Just help me,Otherwise, you will help those congress masters?”
“do not know,But I think those guys above shouldn’t be that stupid,”Ji Shengcheng shook his head:“United Community Bank cannot afford to lose your customer,Even if they don’t help you,I can’t throw a stumbling block under your feet。”
“Count them understand,”Chen Geng nodded:“Talk about it,Since the United Community Bank allows you to fly from the United States to Dongying,What conditions do you intend to impress me?”
Ji Sheng said:“3000Ten thousand dollars loan,Five-year period,Annual interest1.85%,Interest is paid once a year,In addition, if the interest is not in default,You can apply for another extension after five years,Can be extended for up to three years。If you want to borrow more money,Can also consider,Ok,I predict4000Million to4500No problem。”
That is, the money can be used for up to eight years?
Chen Geng nods slightly,This condition of United Community Bank is still very sincere,This condition is usually a preferential loan from the bank to its strategic partner,It’s impossible for idle companies to get such favorable conditions。
Chen Geng thought for a while,Said:“No need to4000Million,That’s it,In addition, the United Community Bank is responsible for helping me send the Germans home。”
“OK。”Unexpectedly so smooth,Ji Shengcheng is overjoyed。
First260chapter Lay
To talk about the influence in the United States,The strength of United Community Bank cannot be compared with the top three*****、Compared with these Big Mac banks,But no matter what,United Community Bank is also a comprehensive strength that can enter the U.S. banking industry before50Strong Listed Bank,Strength should not be underestimated。
From the perspective of United Community Bank,They must not sit back and watch Wolfsburg weaken Fernandez,That’s having trouble with my wallet,How many second-hand car loans Fernandez takes from United Community Bank every year?This is a core-level partner of United Community Bank,The Germans must not be pitted。