Keep silent,But the body presses a step forward,But the teenager is not nervous,Do not dodge,Nagging,Don’t know what’s talking,I want to get started,But hesitating。

Deadlock between the two sides,The boy finally took a breath,Smile at the fangs,“I thought these decades,You made it so unrecognizable here,Unexpectedly, you are just a club。”
“How are you?”Get angry from the fire,But also secretly surprised,The other party was really screaming at him,This seemingly unusual move,But it’s actually very difficult for a young man who burns like coke,He even saw the white teeth and pale red gums in the boy’s mouth、Lips,This shows that the opponent is recovering the body quickly。
This surprise is not trivial,If it is recovered by the fire spirit,Black Fire Cliff is equivalent to the opponent’s territory,Entangled again,Li Huo really can’t control the opponent,He simply put his mind on,To launch a full blow。
“At this moment,You only have one chance!”The teenager suddenly drank,Fist out,Yes,Teenager throwing a punch,Wave his broken left arm,With the dancing of the arm, a pink fist was born from the bottom of the stump,The fist didn’t hit Lihuo,It slammed under the crack in the cave wall with a bang。
Li Huo, who fisted with the same fist, suddenly felt,Abruptly closing the fist halfway,The body flew upside down like a javelin and shot towards the hole,The left index finger hidden behind you flicks randomly,The whole person has rushed out,Once liberated,Lihuo didn’t even bother to check the situation inside the cave,Jump on a cloud and escape away。
“You bastard!”When the teenager stopped, he suffered countless‘appliance’Siege,Those who were left from the fire temporarily‘With soul’’S tattered guy suddenly had life,Overwhelming smashing will come,Very fierce,Poor, the space that can be moved in this small cave is really limited,The boy’s body that had just started to recover was suddenly smashed into pieces。
In chaos,A little spark comes out,Instantly burned everywhere,All the appliances in madness are emitting dark flames,Burning fiercely and quickly,After a while, these soul-attached dead objects were burnt clean,Not even a scum left。
The young man was looking for the smashed body while breathing heavily,Stitching one by one,Since swallowing the Earth Fire Orb,Huo Ling, the initiator of all events,Suddenly there was no movement,Even a little spark was released just now,It’s also because the young man didn’t know how to play it out in desperation。
Don’t underestimate this little spark,Really amazing,Not only sweep away all the messy things around,And the teenager has benefited a lot from this sudden flame,The originally wilted spirit refreshed a lot,Those broken limbs like carbon gray seem to respond,Start to squirm and breed flesh and blood in the splicing。
“Fire Spirit,Where are you?monster,monster?”The boy is shouting at that monster,Because he doesn’t know what to do next?How to leave this ghost place?As for the hole??Juvenile temporarily not considered,Who knows if the lunatic who beat him just now is outside the cave。
But nothing happens,Juvenile helpless,Try to make a little bit of sparks,There are still a lot of burnable things on the ground,Do not know why,He has no fear of fire now,Instead it became an unspeakable desire,That kind of rapid burning,There are many things he needs in the flame that releases terrible temperature,It’s a pity to toss for a long time without success。