Chen Xiu is anxious to find Wang Zilin and Ou Sheng,But this fake foreign devil is making trouble for himself,Anger:“Don’t you call a hundred security guards,You are grandson!”
Chen Xiu was at the elevator entrance,The people inside can’t get out,An arrogant voice is ringing:“Kid,Untidy clothes means you didn’t tie your tie。
The rules don’t change,Why do celebrities come here for afternoon tea!”
So it meant! Chen Xiu suddenly realized,Can’t help but complain:“Special,Tie is not insideipants,Why don’t you tie your tie?!”
The waiter said:“We have English afternoon tea here,Naturally, British clothing rules are adopted。”
“by,Here is the place of summer,Why doesn’t your hotel use Xia’s rules!”
Chen Xiu also lived on Hong Kong Island for a long time,I can’t get used to the servility of Hong Kong Islanders,These people were ruled by the Eagles for more than 100 years,There is a humble servility in the bones of the eagle nation。
“Kid,So much nonsense from there。
Tie your tie if you want to go in,Or don’t block the elevator entrance。”
The arrogant voice in the elevator remembered again,Chen Xiu looked back,I am in my early thirties,Young people,Chen Xiu looked familiar,I can’t remember seeing it there for a while。
He was also followed by two tall bodyguards,It seems that the status is not low。
Chen Xiu stepped aside and said:“What are you anxious,You didn’t tie your tie,Can’t get in。”