This is the final blow to those who know the law and character of China jointly issued,This hit,Be sure knowledge of who beheaded law。

Bound by the law’s body hurt more and more more and more,She is about to bear a。
Suddenly she felt the gods of sight cast in his own body,The body more than a hint of effort,Constraints of space again surrounded her body。
“this……This is God gave me a second chance!”
Who felt bound by law to help collapse of consciousness,Abruptly blocked by law and knowledge of the Chinese character together the strongest blow。
Hanjiang holding Pueblo Antonia appeared in China around character,He’s bound by law to go again to look at weight,But Fu Hua turbulence body has time and space to journeyman。
no way,Fu Hua important thing is to save,Orchids next to Dell a bit barely look up。
Hanjiang this time covered in blood,Or restraint of law to escape chase,Either save,He did not have to have been elected!
After the restraint of the law began to escape to get help,Successfully escaped from the chaos of space。
She vowed,The escape after keeping a low profile,Be sure to put these people one by one tooth knocked out,Their fingers pulled out one by one。
Under the constraints of space,As far as possible the participation of all those who torture their siege!
“Grateful!Want to go anywhere it?”
After the restraint of law fled to a safe place,When they are going away,See Shu Chashang sitting in front of a whole body with dark red hair girl。
“you……You are……”Law restraint of pupil fibrillation,Excitedly said:“new、New partner?”
Xier turned a lap,Jumping from the tree,I have a laughter with a laughter.。
Xier’s smile makes the law of the constraint.,Because she looks at her eyes,It seems to look at what novelty toy。
Be said around“companion”Have the power of the mastery and death,Everything in the world is played by her。
Xier knocked with a sickle knocking on the field of rhythm。
The field is invisible,But in the hife tip of the Heier, we will raise a string of ripples.。
“If I break this field,Do you have a fatal harm??”
“do not worry,I am curious,Ask for a look,We are not the same……Companion!”
“Well……If you don’t want to say,Xier doesn’t mind, I will try it.。”
The law of constraints panic,God has helped her escape once,Received by the line of sight,I can’t help her second time.。
She felt the familiar power in Hi.,Feel the breath of God。
She is not like those traitors.,It is clear that it has the same power but stands in the opposite of God.。
But this person,It’s really too……
The law of constraints is planning to endure,Just wait until her strength recovery,Everyone is impossible to close yourself,Today, she will never let it have a second time.!
“Oh……”Xier is a little lost.:“I didn’t expect you to obey you.。”
“Also think about you don’t listen,Xier will kill you?!”
Xier clearly said,But the sickle has been cut to the constraint。
Constrained space instantly crushed,The law of constraints is flashed outside the ten meters.。 “What do you want to do?!?”
Xier touched the sickle handle:“I don’t think it is meaningless.,You come to please I.,If you can please, I will let you live.。”