Delivery, and the wind is on the new journey

  The Chief Party of the 19th Central Committee was held, and the first party branch of Hubei Hai Limeida Automobile Co., Ltd. (Zaoyang) Party Branch organized party members to learn, discuss. (Hubei Daily, the reporter Tian Yue correspondent Li Xiaojun) Hubei Daily, the whole media reporter, Liao Zhihui, Xiao Liqiong, "Since the persistence of the biting Qingshan does not relax, it is a stable target, with the wake up of the hundreds of ninety-dozens, and the great revival of the Chinese nation. Read It’s a feeling of heart, and I feel excited! "After the release of the sixth plenary meeting of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the enthusiastic response of Hubei economists will rapidly trigger the enthusiastic response of Hubei economists.

Entrepreneurs have said that they will be more determined, more consciously practice the initial mission, show new weather in the new era new journey.

  Pening is first, accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system "The resolution of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China", in economic construction, my country’s economic development balance, coordination, sustainability, national economy Strength, scientific and technological strength, comprehensive national strength jumps on new stairs, my country’s economy, more efficient, more equitable, more secure, and safer development.

In this regard, Li Guozhen, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the Group. On April 24, 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the first stop of Hubei to come to Xingfa Group, and made an important indication of "achieving scientific development, order development, high quality development". More than three years, Xingfa Group compulss the general secretary of General Secretary, the total goal of building a world-class refined chemical enterprise, and is not shaken in the direction of the green development.

10 months before this year, the Xingfa Group achieved sales revenue and taxation, respectively, increased by 413%, respectively, and realized the transformation of high quality development. "Xingfa Group will strengthen innovation and drive, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and strive to be the leader of the promoters of the Yangtze River protection and the development of green transformation." Li Guo said. "This major resolution is China’s new era after entering the new era." Huang Li, Chairman Gao Dehong, said that as a private enterprise that grows in the party’s care, Gao Dehong Will always put the technological strong country, industry newspaper, in mind, continue to adhere to the road of independent innovation, strive to implement the new development concept, integrate into the new development pattern, and practice the solemn commitment of "Forever and Party". "In the new journey, new weather is present, and contribute to the promotion of energy-saving and carbon and carbon." Li Yeqing, secretary of Huaxin Cement Party Committee, said that the company will unswervingly go to the green around the national "carbon peak, carbon neutral" Low-carbon development roads continue to strengthen the technical research in many fields, strive to lead the industry on the road of China "carbon".

  Open cooperation, the bonus world sharing "The party’s 100-year struggle opened up the right way to achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation, China only took a few hundred years of industrialization in the developed countries, creating economic growth and society Long-term stable two miracles. "China creates two major miracles, development dividends are also sharing for the world. During last year, Honeywell was registered in Hosheng Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. in Wuhan Donghu New Technology Development Zone. As the company’s emerging market China Headquarters and Innovation Center, it became the world’s first world in Wuhan, Wuhan 500 Strong business.

  More than a year, thanks to the strong support of Hubei Province, Wuhan Municipal Government and local partners, Huo Sheng is engaged in a series of products and technologies related to emerging markets, developing, sales and service progress, business progress and The performance has achieved the expected goal. This year, Honeywell has cooperated with Baowu steel to carry out hydrogen purification purification technology and overall solution cooperation, and promote the production and development of hydrogen energy in the Chinese market.

"China ‘is determined to expand high level, the world sharing development opportunities" brought new opportunities to Honeywell, firmly we further farm China, deep cultivation of Hubei confidence.

"Honeywell Chinese president Lin Shiwei said.

  As a company with new China, Zhao Liqiao Tea Plant, Hubei Zhao Liqiao Tea Factory, "Sichuan" brand blue brick tea, many times, have become a new business name of Hubei harvested world friends. "The Chinese people have won great victory and glory in the past 100 years under the guidance of the Great Chinese Communist Party.

Great achievements encouraging, valuable experience is precious, historical mission urgers. "General Manager of Hubei Tea Group, Jinsheng, the head of Zhao Liqiao Tea Factory, Hubei Province, said it will fully implement brand strategy, focus on" Hankou Tea Factory "," China’s old name "Zhao Liqiao Tea Factory" Sichuan "phrase The Lord represents the "One Red One Green" product of Hubei, and strives to become a leading enterprise group with important influence in the industry and region to promote high quality development in Hubei tea industry.

  I don’t forget the initial heart, and the truthfully demonstrate the value history of "ten persistence" proposed by the Plenary, which is rich and profound.

  "From the party’s hundred years of struggle, we can succeed in the past, how can we continue to succeed in the future, thus more firm, more consciously practice the mission, better and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era." Gao Qingshou, chairman of the National High-Tech Industrial Group, said that enterprises will always adhere to the initiative of scientific and technological innovation, industry newspapers, and strive to practice the responsibility and responsibility of the company.

  From sample collection, automation sample pre-processing, automatic nucleic acid extraction, nucleic acid detection, to the final report full process function, last year, the national manufacturing development of Wuhan passenger car United China Mobile P2 + nucleic acid detection vehicle, Hubei, fighting the epidemic Defend the war, Wuhan defending the big exhibition, and continued to support the detection of sudden epidemic testing in many cities across the country.

In addition, enterprises have been continuously innovation in many fields such as road materials and projects, automobile manufacturing, and financial investment, contributing to national development.

  I don’t forget the beginning, I have to always. "The Chinese people continue to be reality for a good life. Good product is growing in such a big background.

Yang Hongchun, chairman of the good product, said that in the past 15 years, the lay shop started in Wuhan, starting from Hubei, providing users with nutritious, healthy high-quality food, and actively promoting the innovation and upgrading of the casual snack industry. At all levels of party committees, the government’s strong leadership With strong support, the good shop will go through the country, and cooperate throughout the world, which is the opportunity and mission of the era.

  In recent years, the lay shop has continued to increase research and development, facing the future, Yang Hongchun is full, "We will continue to promote the research and development of nutrition and health products, three production integration, industry chain high quality development, actively promote common prosperity, scientific and technological innovation, forge ahead, The answer to the party, the country, and the user.

"Enterprises will continue to test through digital product concept test, scientific product development technology route and objective and reliable product consumer testing, build first-class science and technology research and achievement transformation platforms, and create Wuhan as an important food research and development base in the future. Crossing Another peak, I have passed one level and a hurdle.

On the new journey, "catching the exam" is far from being completed.

Entrepreneurs have said that we must put learning to implement the party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Party of the Communist Party of China as the current and future major political tasks, and more closely unite in the party center of Ji Jinping as the core, comprehensively implement Xi Jinping’s new The era of Chinese characteristic socialist thinking, buried his head, and the courage is going forward.

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