“Brother Liu is right,The three of us are from the grassroots,My Gao Dajin is the master of the grassroots help Tianzun City。”Gao Dajin laughed。

He can tell Liu Wenzhang’s last name in one sentence,Prove that this person did a lot of work before coming。
Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao:“Hall Master Gao came to us,What’s the matter?”
Gao Dajin shook his head,Throwing the hair on the forehead to the side,This is just a serious statement:“do not be afraid,I’m here to help you!”
This sentence is out,Not only was Lu Menglin stunned for a while,Even Liu Wenzhang and Tu Shanming lost their voices in surprise。
This fat guy came all the way,Actually just to say such a sentence?Is he here to be funny?
He wants to support Wu Hao?Isn’t this a joke?
Wuhao even killed the evil god Liuyun,Also rejected the official position of the black cavalry general,Not even afraid to offend King Ning and the Sixth Prince,Someone said they wanted to help him,This is simply the biggest joke of the year!
Huang Shaotian frowned,The left hand has pressed the hilt,She looked at the three of them and looked like no good people,I guess I will continue,She’s about to draw a sword!
The Gao Dajin was completely unaware of the danger behind,Continue to laugh:“Yes!I am very optimistic about you!Seniors in the arena to support younger generations,Isn’t it right??Only like this,New people will come out from generation to generation,Each has been leading the way for decades!”
Lu Menglin couldn’t help but smile,Know that the other party is not malicious,So she winked at Young Angel Huang,Shook his head gently。