Everything is ready,He secretly called Niu Huiling again。I didn’t expect Niu Huiling to call him back soon。Wang Youcai told Niu Huiling about his situation。Niu Huiling made the decision immediately,Tell me to go together in five daysSH。

Niu Huiling also told Wang Youcai,Which train ticket let him buy,And even time,And how they met on the train,Gave Wang Youcai a detailed account。
Wang Youcai who hung up,Excited。Logically,He has been on the train for so long,I should feel sleepy,But he just doesn’t want to sleep at all。
Think about it,He called Wu Wu。I wanted to find Wu Wu over to drink with him,Unexpectedly, he was called to Beauty International by Wu Wu。
This place is playing with excitement,but,That is for banknotes。At this point,Wang Youcai isn’t an inordinate person yet。He came to this place,But came very restrained。
Wang Youcai’s past tense,Wu Wu has asked for a small box,He was sitting inside chatting with Lan Ling。When Lan Ling saw Wang Youcai,He stretched out his arms a bit exaggeratedly,And Wang Youcai came to a big hug。
“Oh, brother Wang!Your heart is so cruel,It’s been so long, but I can’t see my sister”Lan Ling laughed loudly,Took Wang Youcai and sat on the sofa。
Wang Youcai cursed secretly in his heart“Go to you girl,Sister is almost the same”He thought so,But still keep a cheerful smile。
Wang Youcai sat down,Wu Wu asked the waiter to have a drink immediately,Then opened the music。Lan Ling laughed and said:“Let someone come to accompany you later,Guarantee your satisfaction”
“No need to,Come here tonight。If you want to be accompanied,No one is as enjoyable as your company”Wang Youcai said,Reached out and patted Lan Ling’s back twice。
Lan Ling knows,So pretending to be shy, he lowered his head and said:“Necrotic Brother Wang!”Wu Wu sees it,Got up and left。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“Am i wrong?Boss Lan is beautiful,That kung fu is also top-notch,I’m really not wrong about this”
“Wang Ge!You are too direct,I’m embarrassed to say that”Lan Ling said,Owe。He twisted his ass and sat on Wang Youcai’s thigh。
Wang Youcai reached out and stopped Lan Ling’s waist,Then smiled and asked:“Did not earn less this year?!Don’t call poor in front of me”
“Not poor,Past,Just compared to before,Still a lot worse”Lan Ling said,Reached for a bottle of beer。
Wang Youcai took over the beer bottle in Lan Ling’s hand,He lifted it up and took a sip and said:“Just go。Check now,In your business,It’s better to be careful。Make a little less,But don’t get caught by the little tail,Otherwise you have enough”
“Brother Wang is too right。I have a few new sisters here,Very watery,Call two over in a while,Take it all away when you leave!”Lan Ling said,People have stood up。