Some changes have taken place in the city leadership of Pingdu,Mayor Lee was transferred,Its position is temporarily represented by Deputy Mayor Chen,This made Ouyang Hong feel uncomfortable for several days。

Although she has to do a good job as mayor,But now the development of Pingyang Town,Must get strong support from city leaders。Deputy Mayor Chen on the Pingyang Town’s Leisure Agriculture,Always opposed,Now he is acting as mayor,I don’t know if he will be like Mayor Li,Come and vigorously support the development of Pingyang Town。
“Mayor Ouyang!Have you packed up yet?“Secretary Li stood in the courtyard of the Pingyang Town Government,Shouted loudly,He has been happy these two days。
Don’t you go to the city for a meeting??Need to be so excited?Ouyang Hong said secretly in her heart,Grabbed the bag on the desk and walked out of her office。
Deputy Mayor Zhao greeted him from his office,He hurriedly said to Ouyang Hong:“Mayor Ouyang,I got a message when chatting with classmates last night,The province allocated tens of millions of poverty alleviation funds to Pingdu,You have to fight for us Pingyang Town“
“Damn!The development of Pingyang Town depends on itself,Don’t always think about relying on state support”Secretary Li does not wait for Ouyang Hong to speak,He said first,He looks extremely impatient。
Ouyang Hong glanced at Secretary Li,Smiled and said to Deputy Mayor Zhao:“Your news is too timely,The development of our leisure agriculture,There are still a lot of funding gaps,We have to invest some capital ourselves,Don’t just think about letting people invest,Don’t wait to develop,The money earned is not completely separated from others”
“Yes!So it’s up to you this time”Deputy Mayor Zhao said,Smiled at Ouyang Hong,I ignored Secretary Li at all。
Secretary Li’s face suddenly sank,Turned into the jeep in the yard,The sound of falling the car door is loud。
“Humph!You can fall apart again”Ouyang Hong snorted coldly,Say hello to Deputy Mayor Zhao,Got in the car。
Xiao Wang driving,See Mayor Ouyang in the car,Smiled and said:“Both leaders are here today,Let me reflect to you,It’s been a long time since the scrapping period of this car,You may not be able to drive again,You have to think about it,Should I buy a new car?”
“Ok!I know Xiao Wang,You drive it first!This matter has to be reported,Besides, there is no money in the town”Ouyang Hong said,I couldn’t help but let out a long breath。
Secretary Li suddenly said quietly:“Let the venture group buy one!The town government building was built,But where is the building now??Why not get a car here”
Ouyang Hong heard what Secretary Li said,I won’t fight when I’m angry,Does Renjia Venture Group do less for Pingyang Town??Just take one thing,The money spent can be bought back for several cars。
Ouyang Hong reached her lips and swallowed back,He doesn’t want to bother with this person,Have the ability to ask for it,Don’t be a big talker,A leader who can’t handle things。
The jeep is like an old man,Running hard,Secretary Li sees Ouyang Hong and ignores him,So he asked without words:“Mayor Ouyang,I see your mood is very bad these two days,Is it the reason for Mayor Lee’s transfer??I actually think,The post of the mayor,It would be most suitable to be represented by Deputy Mayor Chen”
“I didn’t say it was inappropriate“Ouyang Hong replied coldly。The atmosphere in the car suddenly became colder,No one speaks。
Three fires for new officials,This sentence has been very applicable since ancient times。Vice Mayor Chen at the meeting of all cadres,Multiple task indicators,And also named the leisure agriculture in Pingyang Town,To achieve income generation by the end of the year。
This leisure agriculture is a long-term investment project,Not an immediate investment,This left Ouyang Hong speechless for a while,She really felt it,Passivity of her current job。