Lu Yili:“”Han Yuxuan announced:“Miss Lu Yichi,Congratulations,Mother。”

“Ah”She is surprised to watch Han Yuxuan,Immediately red eyelid:“Really??”
Han Yuxuan smile is extremely gentle。
Children are in their plans,Kiki said,Let it be natural,If you have, you will be born.,I didn’t say this.,Kiki is pregnant。
I also blame him too much.,During this time they have been outside,Tourism,Let her take a break, I will see it.,He can only come with her.。
the other side,Han Dynasty couple and Lu Haocheng couple congratulate each other。
子 在 在 看 看。
I don’t know if I am sleeping at this time.,They also brothers sisters later。
They know that they should be very happy.,Unfortunately,This relationship,Never be said。
Lu Yili was carefully paid to the home.。
When Blue Xin is walking,Let Lu Yuli sent a scorpion to go back,叮 舒 舒,Rape rare ,I want to sit in the house.。
The scorpion took a laughter and promised,Looking at everyone after leaving,Already a little more in the morning。
The pedestrians and cars on the road are very small.。
Lu Shiran smiled and didn’t have broken one night.,Side view to the next side,Pair,Two two,Everything is complex。
Lu Shiran slightly removed,Say:“My car is still in the hotel,Let’s take a taxi first.,Then drive back to the hotel。”
子 微 颔,Too late,She is not familiar with the road of Jiangyou,Just taking a car together with Lu Yuli, I went to the hotel to drive back to the hotel.。
Go back on the way back,I haven’t said a word all the way.。
子 舒 坐 后 后 座,Lu Yuli put music,The two still feel that the atmosphere in the car is very embarrassed.。
I am divided into gods to let Lu Yuli.,He keeps the eyes that look at the eyes of the eyes from the rearview mirror.。
Suddenly there is a car left around,Lu Shiran found that it is no longer necessary to slow down,Suddenly a sudden turning。
子 整 个 不 不 不 往,No preparation hit in the seat,Her whole people have a moment,Headache nose pain makes her tears to flow out。
Lu Yuli pulled the hand brake,Quickly look back at the scorpion:“swallow,Is there been hurt??”
The word swallow is so blogged.。
Blindness:“You are still addicted.,Will you drive??
My head is good。”
子 舒 感 一 热,There is blood flow.。
Blindness:“”Lu Yuli quickly took a box of paper and handed her.。
First2222Chapter Don’t want to have any implications with you
Zi Zihu gave a few pieces of paper towels cover their nose,Headache,The strand has not been slow。
Zi Zi Shu is really a cried。
Lu Lanran:“Swallow,You insist,I will send you to the hospital now.。”
子 没有 没有,Looking at the paper towel and swells,Bloody is very scary,She has changed another paper。