Three major mistakes in the elderly

Three major mistakes in the elderly

Calcium supplementation is to make the body better care and make the body healthier. However, if the calcium supplement method is wrong, it will only lead the body to be in bad symptoms, especially for the elderly, so it is necessary for the elderly to make up.If you have calcium, you must pay attention to many misunderstandings. Don’t let these misunderstandings appear on you.

  Look at the misunderstandings of the elderly calcium supplements?

  1, calcium misunderstanding – food calcium supplementation than drugs calcium safety experts suggest: the elderly insist on drinking two cups of milk every day, eat more dairy products, shrimp, soybeans, green beans, tofu, sesame and other calcium-rich foods.

In fact, choosing a healthy lifestyle, drinking less coffee and cola, and not smoking, all cause bone loss.

In addition, sun exposure and outdoor sports are also beneficial to the absorption and utilization of calcium.

These are safe calcium supplements, and old people don’t have to take calcium every day.

  The safest and most effective way to supplement calcium is to increase the amount of calcium in your daily diet, and the calcium supplementation is safer than calcium supplementation and does not cause excessive calcium.

  2, calcium misunderstanding – the more calcium supplements the better many elderly people mistakenly believe that the more calcium supplement, the more absorbed, the more bones formed, in fact, this is not the case.

Usually, the elderly who are over 60 years old need to supplement 800 mg of calcium every day. Excessive calcium supplementation can not become bones, but it will cause complications and endanger the health of the elderly.

  Calcium is absorbed by humans: calcium is recombined and absorbed into the blood to form blood calcium (ie, the amount of calcium in the blood), and then calcium is deposited by bone metabolism to form bones.

It is not that the more calcium is eaten, the more bones are formed.

The amount of calcium in the blood must be kept at a certain level, too much or too little.

Excessive calcium supplementation, high blood calcium levels in the blood can lead to hypercalcemia and can cause complications such as kidney stones and vascular calcification.

  3, calcium misunderstanding – treatment of osteoporosis does not distinguish the cause of osteoporosis mainly divided into two categories, namely primary osteoporosis and secondary osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis occurs after menopause in women, and osteoporosis in older men is primary osteoporosis; osteoporosis caused by certain diseases or certain causes (such as drugs) is secondary.Osteoporosis.
Different types of osteoporosis, different treatment methods, must not be differentiated, all calcium, otherwise there will be complications.

  Secondary osteoporosis, such as calcium dystrophy and other osteoporosis, calcium supplementation is very effective; and for primary osteoporosis can not withstand calcium treatment.

The initial osteoporosis belongs to primary osteoporosis. Such elderly people should be treated under the guidance of a doctor. Some menopausal women can supplement estrogen, etc. Blind calcium supplementation has no effect.