People’s Daily Names: The world needs "China’s new ideas"

Original title: The world needs "China New Thoughts" (famous written) to Chinese culture, through the consciousness of today, from the deep Chinese cultural soil, it is fundamental in 1937, Lin Yutang used English wrote a book to the West to introduce Chinese culture – "Art of life".

The book is a sensation, which lasts for 52 weeks ranked first in the US best-selling list. It is more than 10 different words in the United States. Until today, my country’s books have rarely have such a grand event.

This phenomenon shows that the world needs in China, which is another kind of idea of ??their own ideas, and is different from another lifestyle of their customary lifestyle. However, in more than 100 years, we have such consciousness. In the Chinese and Western Cultural Dialogue, China is often an infusion and coverage of strong cultures. Chinese modern culture and contemporary scholars are often despised.

Today, it is time to change this situation.

For Chinese culture, through the consciousness of this person, it is fundamental to growing "China’s new ideas" from a deep Chinese cultural soil.

  The contemporary world is deep in a variety of conflicts.

From the military war to the economic war, from the resource struggle to social struggle, from international conflict to cultural confrontation, how to overcome conflicts, form cooperation, is the biggest problem that humans have not solved. China’s first insects that individuals can’t survive independently, and the initial state of people is the relationship with their parents and others. This is the first of a social cooperation.

Therefore, the gene of society is not personal, but the relationship between people and people.

The so-called "ritual" is how people in social relationships exist, rather than emphasizing abstract people. Our scholars start from this position of Chinese culture, involved in the thinking and discussion of the world’s big issues, which has attracted the attention of international academic community.

Chinese scholar Li Zejing In the "Ethics", the "love body" of Chinese culture has attracted the discussions of the "rationality" of China to China and the "rationality" of the Western "rational", and also triggered the reflection of Western civilization.

  As the "Empire theory" based on the foreign policy of Europe and the United States, it has brought about three centuries of war disasters and has come to an end. Zhao Tingyang, Chinese philosopher, published a "World System: World System Philosophy" a few years ago, describing a different world order model that is different from the principle of imperialism.

"The World" in ancient China, is different from the interest model of the country’s national state as the main body, but a "to the unhappy" thinking unit, from the "World – Country – Home" by the large to small direction, think How to achieve harmony of each level. "The World System" does not recognize the "absolute person" that cannot be understood, and believes that each other is the part of this "world", so it will rule out that it is unpreposed, absolute "Civilization conflict", this understanding is urgent today.

Since then, the "World System" has gradually attracted world ideological community as another alternative concept and way of thinking of "Empire theory" that has long-term cultural hegemony.

Of course, there is no shortage of doubts and different opinions, but there is no doubt that Chinese scholars have attracted worldwide attention and discussions from the new idea of ??Chinese culture.

  The influence of Chinese culture facing the world is not based on our subjective wishes design, but in the long-term interaction process, it is gradually formed by interaction and bidirectional selection. Chinese culture is facing the world, communicating with his cultures, has a long history.

Since the 18th century, Chinese culture has absorbed by Voltaine, Leibniz, Rong, Baiquid, Bright, including misunderstanding and rewriting, and truly enters Western cultural mainstream. This is a very complex process. When Western scholars absorb Chinese culture, they are not a massive knowledge, but a sense of inspiration, which needs to start from their respective needs and cultural sites.

We must pay attention to the history of cross-cultural exchanges, respect each other’s situation, willingness, and interest, rather than subjective strength.

At the same time, it must also be seen that Westerners have some understanding of Chinese culture, although they have been true and misunderstood, they have their own one-sidedness, but these awareness has also provided us with a brand new perspective perspective, greatly deepening our culture. know. In the tide of globalization, we must see that the revival we said is a revival of a five thousand years of continuous and great civilization. What we say is the development of "civilized countries", this revival and development depth , Breadth and strength are unprecedented in human history. We have the ability to contribute to the original naturality of world civilization, and we have the ability to draw all the strengths of other civilizations without losing self. This is our fundamental starting point in the world culture.

  (The author is a professor of Peking University).