Want the cabinet to be clean and must be ventilated

Want the cabinet to be clean and must be ventilated

The cabinets are a beautiful landscape in the kitchen.

The new cabinets are glamorous, stylish and show the taste, but with the re-arrangement, this glory is hard to protect.

The person who pays attention will clean up and clean inside and out, and it will become a “heavy disaster area”.


hzh {display: none; }  中国室内环境监测工作委员会主任宋广生表示,橱柜表面、放碗筷、调料的地方、洗碗池下面,以及被橱柜遮住的地面都是清洁的重点。  The cleaning of the cabinet surface is a compulsory course every day.

After the meal is finished, you can wipe it with a damp cloth and wipe it with a damp cloth.

Next, the focus of cleaning is on the place where the tableware is placed. The main problem here is that it is prone to mold.

Therefore, the dishes and chopsticks must be dried before joining to avoid contact with the cabinet.

Special attention should also be paid to places where all kinds of seasonings are placed. There are often scattered salt, pepper noodles, etc., and it is necessary to clean them again. It is best to seal them with a clip.

  Another source of pollution in the cabinet is the handle, but few people remember to wipe it. In the process of cooking, the highest frequency of hand touch is the cabinet handle, so wipe off the oil every week and disinfect.

  Zhang Longming, secretary-general of the Indoor and Outdoor Environment Design Committee of the Shanghai Architectural Society, also pointed out that if the trash can is in the cabinet, it is best to clean it every day. The floor covered by the cabinet should be vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner.

Finally, everyone is reminded that the cabinets should be ventilated regularly. It is best to do it once a day in the summer. After cleaning, or after washing the dishes, open the openings and dry the cabinet doors to eliminate the most fundamental enemy – bacteria.