After arriving at the company,Lin Yuna went back to her office,And Xiao Fan also came directly to the security department,After all, he is one of here now。

Wang Li looked at the clock on the wall,It’s nine o’clock,If Xiao Fan hasn’t appeared in the security department at this time,So it seems that the black bear is 80% successful。
Cold snort,Xiao Fan,This is how you offend me。
A useless,A neuropathy,Why did you get Yoona?,Why is it so arrogant。
In that case,I’m not to blame for all this。
Just when Wang Li was thinking about good things triumphantly,I saw a person coming in from the door of the security department。
Wang Li suddenly stood up from the boss chair,Who is the person who came in instead of Xiao Fan?。
Staring at Xiao Fan incredulously,Wang Li surprised:“You are fine?”
Xiao Fan glanced at Wang Li indifferently,Said:“Should i have something?”
Wang Li just watched Xiao Fan walk towards his job indifferently,He didn’t expect Xiao Fan to have such a strong skill,Even the black bear himself didn’t clean up this kid。
Wang Li can’t believe this is true,If this Xiao Fan is really so powerful,Then why did he force him to leave Lin Yuner?,Leaving Lin Group。
Wang Li smashed his desk hard,Damn!
And Xiao Fan seems to have not seen it,There is still no change in expression,But now it seems,That group of people today is definitely what Wang Li got。