Julan was startled first,Then turn around,Almost fell Wang Youcai to the ground。She was panting,Said in a low voice:“Boss Wang!Can’t we get along well,Do you have to?“

“You look so attractive,Isn’t that a fool when a man sees you indifferent??“Wang Youcai said out of breath。But it was worth it just now,Thought of here,Wang Youcai was happy。
At this time,Yao Chunni’s shout came from outside the gate of Julan’s house:“Boss Wang!Lunch is ready,It’s time to eat“Yao Chunni’s voice is loud,Wang Youcai ran out as soon as he heard it。
This Julan stared with anger,What do you think she did。Rarely, the mother-in-law took her son to the town’s relatives’ house,She was alone with Wang Youcai for a while,She doesn’t know why she thinks like this。
I wonder if my husband is not at home,She’s too lonely,She still feels pleased Wang Youcai will bring her luck。She can’t tell,She was really messed up when she thought about it。
Yao Chunni took Wang Youcai to her house,on the way,Yao Chunni saw no one else,Asked in a low voice:“Did you sleep with the daughter-in-law of the village chief??”
“Nonsense,Which eye did you see?”Wang Youcai asked rhetorically, a little bit resigned。
Yao Chunni happily said:“If you don’t know,Unless you do。Actually I’ve already reached the gate just now,I suddenly heard Julan scream,Then came the heavy breathing of two people,You said you didn’t sleep with others,Then this sound is made by a bitch in heat”
Wang Youcai listened,Can’t help but be surprised。Fortunately, Yao Chunni is here,If it’s someone else, wouldn’t it be over,It seems that Julan’s worry is not redundant,He really needs to pay attention to this in the future。
“Why not speak,Is this true?”Yao Chunni asked again。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“This stinky lady has a strong temper,Life and death。You said her man has been gone for so long,Why is she doing this?“
“Humph!You think everyone else is like me,I knew you were such a virtue,I can’t do it,See what you can do to me”Yao Chunni said sourly。
Wang Youcai looked at Yao Chunni’s cute look,I couldn’t help but laughed and said:“The good thing just didn’t happen,Let’s catch up in a while,what do you think?”