First98chapter I prefer plain water!

“Here you are,Do you have a car”
Fang Yu ignored,But to the ponytail girl。
“We have test drive service here!”
Ponytail girl invited。
Bring Ling Feng to the test drive!
“Zhang Yue,You don’t care about him……He has no money to buy a car!”
Zhao Ben Lengdao。
“Cousin……I think he is fine!follow me……”
Zhang Yue ignored Zhao Ben,Take Fang Yu to the test drive。
“This car is really good……Can I help install the driving recorder at that time??”Fang Yu asked。
“These ones,All send!”
Zhang Yue surely。
If Fang Yu can really buy a loan,It’s okay to send。
She thinks cousin is too one-sided,Fang Yu looks a bit ordinary。
But since they are here,Is the guest!
Pass the door is the guest!
How can I drive away the guests?……