300 billion elevator market space

[] During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, my country will accelerate the promotion of urban renewal, renown the function of the old community, the old factory, the old block and the city village, promote the old building transformation, and actively expand new parking lot, charging pile. At the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the old town established before the end of 2000 will complete the transformation.

In this regard, the industry said that in the stack of urbanization and old community renovation, the elevator industry is expected to maintain the double-digit growth in the next five years, and is expected to be 300 billion yuan in 2025. In the Xinyi Six Village, North Xinyi Street, Changning District, Shanghai, residents chatting next to the building of the elevator. Reporter Fang took a multi-Hongli-added elevator market expansion on April 9th, the Beijing Housing and Construction Committee announced the total rectification of the old community in 2021 pointed out that in 2020, Beijing confirmed 427 old communities in Beijing, newly started old community transformation 313, the completed old change cells reached 124. In 2017 to 2019, only 243 old communities accumulated in the city in Beijing.

This means that in 2021 Beijing residential changes will welcome "explosive".

  Not only Beijing, in 2021, there were obvious efforts to the old communities in all over the world.

Shandong said that in 2021, Shandong Province should carry out the renovation of old communities and shantytowns to ensure that 1960 old communities are started, involving more than 600,000 households.

Shaanxi Province released the implementation plan on the full promotion of urban old community renovation and "beautiful environment and happiness life together", during the 14th Five-Year Plan, the province has planned to renovate nearly 10,000 urban old communities, benefits about 1 million households.

Among them, in 2021, there were 3622 urban old communities in the urban, benefiting thousands of residents. Jiangsu pointed out that in 2021, the province should complete the completion of 1130 urban old communities, a total of approximately 38 million square meters, and Hui Estate Township residents, plan investment of about 13.9 billion yuan.

Zhejiang pointed out that in 2021, there were not less than 800 renovations in the old community. By 2022, they were more than less than 2 old urban old communities in 2022.

Anhui Province said that in 2021, the old community renovation task has a total of 1498 communities, involving 15835 buildings, 10,000 households, and more than 33.34 million square meters. The old reform promotes acceleration, which means that the old change industry will also usher in the blessing period.

Taking the elevator as an example, according to the statistical representation of relevant departments such as the Housing, there are about 8 billion square meters from 1980 to 2000, 70% of the old building in the old town of the old town.

Among them, more than 200,000 buildings in Shanghai, about 180,000 buildings in Guangdong need to install an elevator. It is expected that the old old building needs to install the number of elevators above 2 million units. In addition, the elevator industry is not only from the old reform. According to the relevant person in charge of the West Sichit, my country has entered an aging society in 2000, and has become the country in the world’s senior population; in the past 10 years, the national elderly population has grown rapidly, and the average growth rate is higher than%, and the annual increase of more than 8 million people. At present, the 65-year-old and older population is close to 200 million. In addition, my country’s urbanization rate is increased in an average of 1% per year, and it has now exceeded 60%. These factors are also an opportunity for rapid development of the elevator industry. Liu Rong, an analyst of China Merchants Securities, also said that in a medium and long term, under the promotion of urbanization, the real estate market is still expected to maintain steady growth, while public transportation facilities investment and old ladder renewal demand growth, and the service strategic transformation of elevator enterprises, will New power is provided under the slowdown in the elevator industry.

The old community is transformed accelerated, which is expected to open the growth ceiling, open a new round of boom cycles in the elevator industry. According to reports, commercial prosperity under new urbanization has brought a large number of elevator demand. If it is not considered, it is considered to be roughly estimated. In 2003, China’s square meter (real estate completed area) is approximately a set of elevators. By 2019, Elevator configuration ratio is rising to Taiwan / 10,000 square meters, about 2003 times. It is expected that this ratio will be further improved in the future, which is expanded in the elevator market.

  The rise of the fast-selling self-employment brand is the world’s main elevator consumer market, my country’s elevator industry is higher than around the world.

Under the driving of urbanization and old community transformation, the elevator industry is welcoming the new market space.

  Zheshang Securities Report shows that 70% of the 120% elevators in China are produced in China, 60% to 65% of elevators are sold in the Chinese market.

2020 global elevator production estimates between 1.2 million and 1.03 million domestic elevator production, accounting for 80% of global production. Although the current foreign elevator company still has large share in the domestic market, the rise of the independent brand is strong.

From the perspective of registration changes in recent years, the inspection data shows that since 2015, the annual registration volume of the elevator related enterprises has risen, of which a total of five registered companies in 2019 is the most important. In the first quarter of 2021, there were 5,463 newly registered elevators related companies. The revenue of the elevator company also shows rapid growth. From the recent results announced from the listing elevator enterprises, Kangli elevator 2020 years old income is 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth rate; net profit billion yuan, year-on-year growth%; Guangdian Shares in the first half of the year, the elevator parts income billion yuan, accounting for More than 46%, the ladder manufacturing income billion, accounting for 24%. "It can be seen that some listed companies have established a counterpart business unit, and specialized operations in the installation of elevator markets, and expand sales.

"Huang Tao, Nanling Consulting Researcher, said that the old city renovation policy subsidy is added, and the elevator industry update needs are expected to put on volume.

  Pan and Lin of the Executive Dean of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Digital Economics Research Institute said that the increment of the Economic Reference Report said that the increase in the elevator industry is not only the renovation of the old community. At this stage, some elevator cells have an elevator in the elevator have arrived in the use period, need Product iteration, and home small elevator market is also starting.

These are opportunities for elevator industries, especially for home markets, under the future aging, more elevator industry transformation convenience facilities will become a demand growth point. Opening the integrated curtain head aggregation advantage in the industry, benefiting from the faster growth in the domestic market, the independent brand enterprise will get rapidly development, the competition in the elevator industry will be more fierce in the next few years, the competition of the industry will show "large enterprises "Integration trend development.

  In September 2020, SME City Transport Co., Ltd. acquired 65% of Sini Electromechanical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. In November, the green intelligent manufacturing of the Mid-Triangle Greenland was started, and the demonstration zone rely on the Central Research Institute of the Mid-Truck Transportation Central Research Institute and the integrated elevators and core parts enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region, and Shen Long, Mei Whenevanic elevator enterprises.

In November, the HVAC’s HVAC and the buildings of the United States merged the Ling Wang elevator, marking the "home appliance aircraft carrier" officially entered the elevator business. In December, Hengda Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd. signed a strategic integration with Zhongtuan City Transport Co., Ltd. "The Chinese elevator market has experienced high-speed growth, which has ushered in a period of survival, continuous integration, which also shows that the market is gradually returning to rationality, evolving to maturity." Pan and Lin said.

  However, in the industry, it also pointed out that there is a high-low-end product homogenization competition in the current elevator industry, and the problem of over-capacity structural structure is highlighted, and the level of independent innovation is low, "big is not strong". Huang Tao said that many economically developed cities in the east have already completed transformation, and some of the old-China communities have a large reason for financial resources. The elevator will also have resistance.

Therefore, companies need to investigate market demand in advance, avoiding a cook, overcapacity.

  Dabang and Lin also said that the competitive advantage in the future elevator industry will gradually be close to the head, and several large brands will gradually lead the market share of the elevator industry.

It is recommended that small and medium-sized elevators are technically transformed from elevator accessories and patented technologies. It can consider moving to industrial robotics. At this stage, some industries in China’s industrial robots are transformed from the elevator industry. In addition, it should also improve the intelligent level of the product, enhance the accessory function of the product, and cultivate its own technical ability.