Thinking about going,Let’s go back to home,Too many suffocating things in my hometown,Give her full of negative energy;Can’t you go back to home,Unkind。

I have to go back to my hometown to see everything。
But don’t want to stay in my hometown for too long,I want to give myself some time to rest。
Thinking for so many years,Have never traveled far,I want to save the remaining few days of vacation to myself。
after get off work,She is happy as wind,Make a travel plan quickly。
In Tian Lu’s plan,I thought about going out with Ye Xingkong,When I thought that Ye Xingkong had to work,And even if he agrees to go,Gender distinction,Will let folks or acquaintances who know her gossip,Incompatibility between men and women。
Tian Lu packed up the clothes she carried with him and bought a lot of daily essentials.,Packed in travel luggage。
Put the bags in the corner of the house,I booked the ticket to go back to Gujialing first,Everything is ready。
The flying heart can’t sink anymore,Like a small deer bumping up and down,Excited to the sky,A sense of excitement that I haven’t had in years。
Bounce slightly,I’m already a little bit happy and out of control,Make a circle in the room for a while,Do the body dance moves that are rarely done in a while,Excited emotions like a pony off the rope,Bohemian。
She took a deep breath,Try to calm down,Secretly said to myself:“calm down!”
After a while,She wants to share the happy news with Ye Xingkong。
Happily came to the door of Ye Xing’s room,Hear sound in the room,Sound-seeking,It turned out that Chen Limu and Ye Xingkong were talking,Like asking about Ye Xingkong’s daily work。And also interspersed with reminiscences of Ding Kelan from time to time。
Chen Limu is the protagonist alone,Pitiful parents,Ye Xingkong’s patient listening is the greatest filial piety to Chen Limu。
Ye Xingkong talked about Ding Kelan’s daily life in Chen Limu,Actually a little impulsive,I want to tell her the real situation of Ding Kelan。
But he also has his own considerations,Once I told Chen Limu that her son was dead,,That will increase the pain of the elderly,Might as well give the old man one“Son is still alive”Thoughts,And if Chen Limu knew he was an alien,Will you be scared。
To protect the health of elders,Ye Xingkong decided to swallow it temporarily“the truth”。