Workers’ Cultural Palace,Not far from Xia Jian’s residence。When the three of them enter,It’s so happy inside,I met a couple of men and women,Hug together,Dancing to the music。Because the weather is not too cold,Plus there are so many people in the ballroom,So the dancers wear a little less,Xia Jian looked at the beautiful snow-white legs exposed from the skirt,Can’t help but speed up。

Gao Wei ignores Xia Jian at all,Hold Cai Li,And jumped up presumptuously。By flashing neon lights,Xia Jian saw Gao Wei hold Cai Li tightly,Cai Li’s tall chest,Almost all stuck in Gao Wei’s arms。A jealousy I have never experienced,Slowly rose in Xia Jian’s heart。
Is Cai Li really Gao Wei’s girlfriend?Xia Jian didn’t believe it,Regardless of appearance,Still age,Xia Jian thinks they are not good at all。This Gao Wei,Looks at least ten years older than Cai Li。This era,Is it true that all good dishes really let pigs go,Xia Jian’s heart is extremely unbalanced。But this is the truth,Look at the hooligans in society,What other gangsters,Their girlfriend,All of them are very beautiful,There are many beautiful girls in Xia Jian school,Were soaked away by such people。
“What do you think Xia Jian?Come for a beer”Cai Li came over,Holding two open bottles of beer。She may be Yuangu who jumped hot,Two buttons on the coat are unbuttoned,Showing a piece of white flowers on the chest,Xia Jian was very irritable。
Xia Jian took over the beer from Cai Li,Drank a little angry。He has become more and more fond of this beautiful and generous girl recently,But what he never expected was,Cai Li turned out to be such a girl,And the people she associates with,Social relations are so complicated,This makes him extremely conflicted。
“Hey!Drink quickly,After drinking, I will take you to a song。Be generous when you come,Isn’t it a matter of men and women hugging??Look like you haven’t seen the world”Cai Li finished,Raise wine bottle,Blew up to the sky in one breath。Xia Jian, a little dazed,Take a look at Cai Li, whose eyes are a little blurred,It turns out she understands dancing like this。
Xia Jian held his breath,I drank several sips in a row,I drank all the beer in the bottle,He can’t believe it,Such a beautiful girl,You can finish a bottle of beer in one breath,It seems that she has been drinking,It’s not a day or two.。Put down the bottle,Xia Jian asked in a dissatisfied tone:“Which viagra are you?
“Where to dance!“Cai Li said,Finger at the corner。
Good guy,Xia Jian saw it clearly,I saw Viagra hugged another very charming young woman,Two people hug very tightly。By the flickering lights,A stimulus that has never come,Let Xia Jian’s heart beat,Can’t help but speed up。This bastard,Was it the same to Cai Li just now?,Thought of here,Xia Jian is both excited and angry,He hates the unfairness of this world。
“Let’s go!We also go to jump,Just watch others jump,What’s the point“Cai Li said,Pulled Xia Jian,Dragged Xia Jian onto the dance floor。Once in,Cai Li posted it,Use her proud breasts intentionally or unintentionally,Rubbing against Xia Jian。Never jump,Plus Cai Li did this,Xia Jian’s feet are in a mess,Stepped on Cai Li several feet in a row。
Cai Li put her lipstick on her sexy mouth,Gently put it in Xia Jian’s ear,Exhaled and asked like silk:“Xia Jian,am I pretty?”
Xia Jian blushed,Nodded silently。Cai Li smiled slightly,Put the hand on Xia Jian’s shoulder,Gently slid to Xia Jian’s waist,Then hug,Xia Jian’s body is a bit hot,Just squeezed with Cai Li。A pleasure never seen before,Suddenly spread all over the body,Xia Jian’s mental state,Reached madness in an instant。If it’s not in full view,Xia Jian must eat this girl raw。
Just when Xia Jian was addicted to this kind of almost crazy pleasure,Cai Li suddenly pinched Xia Jian’s waist and said:“go!Let’s go back!”strange,Isn’t it jumping right??What kind of spirit is this Cai Li。Xia Jian was taken aback,I saw it in Cai Li’s eyes,Turns out she was eating Viagra。
A little backlit corner,I don’t know when in Viagra’s arms,Another woman in a white dress,And they hugged very tightly,Look at his restless hands,I almost touched the woman’s ass,No wonder Cai Li is angry,This scene,Xia Jian took a look,Feel frightened。Xia Jian now has to believe,Men are not bad, women don’t love this sentence。