Kidney-correction: Eat more kidneys and become infertile

Kidney-correction: Eat more kidneys and become infertile

Eat pig kidneys to make up the kidneys?

Don’t say this again, read this article first.

  ”Yellow” has always been the treasure of aphrodisiac for men, especially when it comes to barbecue. Under the idea of eating and licking, this food becomes awkward.

However, experts reminded those men who wanted to strengthen their kidneys and eat more “waist” and be careful.

  The latest research found that pigs, cattle, sheep liver, kidneys, etc., have different levels of heavy metal cadmium, people eat glucose in the stomach while eating, it is likely to cause infertility, if addedIt is a smoking population in itself, and the rate of infertility is as high as 60%.

  Formaldehyde can induce degenerative changes in the structural function of tissues such as male retina pills and epididymis, and finally lead to a decline in reproductive ability.

  According to WHO recommendations, the plasma intake per person per week exceeds 7 micrograms per kilogram of body weight.

The “waist” is considered to be a “strong” food containing high levels of cadmium.

The harm of formaldehyde to human tissues and organs is multi-faceted, mainly the damage to kidney, liver and reproductive function, which will cause the number of sperm to decrease, and the implantation of fertilized eggs will also be affected, possibly due to cadmium on chromosomes.Injury, causing fertilized eggs to not easily implant, affecting conception.

  If coupled with the smoking population itself, the rate of infertility is as high as 60%, because every time a pack of cigarettes is smoked, the kidneys in the body will increase by 2 to 4 micrograms. In addition, chronic kidney poisoning can cause human damage or cause bone diseases.

  Finally, we remind everyone that high-zinc foods can help cadmium. Therefore, in order to prevent excessive intake of cadmium in life, you can choose some foods containing zinc.

You can eat more vegetables, fruits, etc. High-zinc foods are mainly shellfish. For example, oysters contain the most zinc, and alginic acid in kelp can also excrete cadmium in the body.

Apple contains galactose citrate, which is very helpful for detoxification. It consumes more milk and soy products, and its rich calcium content is a useful “toxin transfer worker”.

In addition, pay attention to smoking cessation in life, and less contact with cadmium-containing items such as batteries.