Four Tune for Winter Insomnia

“Four Tune” for Winter Insomnia
Seasons change, and many people don’t sleep well at night.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that insomnia is “not rickets” of the motherland medicine and is related to the dysfunction of the heart, spleen, liver, and kidneys of the human body.Modern society has a fast pace of life and increased work pressure, and many people are easily nervous and worried.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that wood gas is too strong, but Mu Yu is in flames.From 11 pm to 3 pm, the phases of liver and gallbladder are the same. Mu Wang’s fire is disturbing and prone to insomnia.Excessive diet, spicy food, damage to the spleen and stomach, leading to “uneasy stomach and restlessness”; often stay up late, consume blood and blood, lack of liver and kidney, and disturbed the heart due to virtual fire.   In order to improve sleep quality, in addition to cultivating good sleep habits and insisting on regular work and rest, we must also pay attention to the “four tunes”, that is, regulate the spirit, regulate breathing, regulate living, and diet.   The spirit of “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine” states: “Tranquility and nothingness, true energy comes from it, internal spirit keeps it safe, and never feels safe?”Spiritual spirit refers to being quiet and recuperating, often keeping the mind calm and the peace of mind.Avoid watching nervous and exciting TV programs 1 hour before bedtime, avoid re-allocating mobile phones to sleep, avoid fierce quarrels, and avoid thinking hard about problems encountered in work and life.Pay attention to adjusting the spirit, keep the mood happy, don’t be greedy and delusional, eliminate fear and worry, let it be, and avoid emotional excitement.Only when you are calm and empty, can you keep your spirits clear and harmonious.   Adjusting the breath “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” said: “Breathing essence, independent spirit.”By adjusting your mind by adjusting your breath, you can better sleep.   Breathing slowly and evenly can be helpful in getting to sleep.This is because the rhythm of human breathing is slower, the heartbeat will be slowed down accordingly, the qi and blood will run, and the life activities will slowly ease down, 南宁桑拿 so that people can sleep peacefully.   Adjusting and selecting the “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” selects “have a normal life, and does not work hard” is an important guarantee for physical health.Human life activities are closely related to changes in the natural world. People must adapt to changes in the natural world. People must adapt to changes in the day and night. They must be properly dressed, eat a reasonable diet, live in a suitable environment, and move with the rest in order to maintain health and strengthen their physique.   Living properly, sleeping environment should be quiet, the air should be fresh, create a conditional reflex mechanism that is conducive to falling asleep; wear soft and comfortable pajamas during sleep, keep your limbs warm; sleep time should be relatively regular, do not stay up late, and 深圳桑拿网 do not sleep at will.   The diet “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine” states: “Stomach discomfort is disturbed.”It can be seen that diet can only have stomach and good night.   First, the diet is mainly light and digestible, such as beans, cereals, eggs, fish, winter melon, spinach, apples, oranges, etc .; eat less greasy, fried and smoked foods, and avoid irritating foods, such asStrong tea, coffee, and smoking cessation.First of all, dinner time and the amount of food you pay attention to.Generally dinner time is recommended 4 hours before bedtime, preferably at 6 o’clock?7 o’clock.In terms of food intake, folks have always stated that “every meal is full, and live healthy and old.” The specific food intake can be compared with lunch. The “Chinese Nutrition Diet Guide” advocates that the ratio of three meals a day is best to ” 343 “principle, that is, breakfast accounts for 30%, lunch accounts for 40%, dinner accounts for 30%, and dinner is 1/4 less than lunch.In addition, it is not advisable to eat supper or drink a lot of water before going to bed, to avoid the excitement of the cerebral cortex due to rehabilitation stimulation, or the rise and night caused by nocturia.