Xu Jinghe said in the side of the eyes。

Gu An Anng is still ideal,“What do you mean?
When the Lu Group,You also say this,Now say this now,It’s hard to be Lu Haoheng really accidentally.?”
Xu Jinghe is smiling,Unhappy opening:“Who knows??
Don’t you think is it strange??
Lu Haocheng is going to go,It will also arrange our company’s things.,Will n’t let Lantin face these things。
If he arranges the work of Blue Xin,Who else dares to question the ability of Blue Xin??”
Gu Anan:“But the personnel order is Lu Haozheng.。”
“hehe”Xu Jinghe laughed,“fool,They don’t say this,The Lu Group is so many people,Will you worry??
In addition to European,Muzi,Su Sei Ming,Lin Wei is also present,The degree of convince naturally no one is suspected。”
Lu Haocheng is dead in the sea.。
It is impossible to come back.,Lu’s,He can try it?
As long as there is no Lu Hao Cheng,Lu’s assets are easier to hand in hand。
Looking like this,Gu Anan also feels strange,Lu Hao became so anxious?
Take Lu Haozheng’s attitude towards work,Never leave this。
She looked at Xu Jinghe Road:“Jinghe,With your ability,Can you find where Lu Haozheng is??”
Xu Jinghe blinked,“Anan,Waiting for me for a few days。”
“Oy!Is this office good??”
Sudden,The door is pushed open.,Lu Haokai Silver Suit,The flow of flowing in the stream,Looking at Gu An’an laughing。
“Gu Anan,I didn’t expect that you really got Gu.,And still so fast,Your ability,Let me look at it。”
Lu Haokai is inserted in the trouser pocket,I went to Gu Anan。
Gu Anan and Xu Jinghe see Lu Haokai, sudden visit,Face is all change。
Gu An An Angry:“What are you doing here??”
He didn’t have a lot of days didn’t go home??
Busy and raw grass,How can I take her?。
“hehe”Lu Haokai looked at Gu Anan,“My wife often doesn’t go home during this time.,I thought that someone was outside.?
It turned out to be busy。”
Lu Haokai looked at Gu Anan,Seeing her face is somewhat bad,Laugh again:“Anan,Gu’s don’t know if you have always wanted??
Why isn’t you happy??”
He walked over,Hand in Gu Anan。
Xu Jinghe,色 微 微 一 闪,Avoid,This,Damn eye。
Lu Haokai’s move,Let Gu Anan are the most embarrassing。
She is sinking her face:“If you are fine, let’s leave.,I have other things to do.。”
Lu Haokai slammed her,I saw Xu Xianghe.,“I say,See me and my wife like this,Are you going to avoid it??”