Vice Mayor Chen grabbed the phone on the desk with a look of confusion:“Secretary Zhang,The report you sent this morning,Don’t show me?what?Just retrieved from the archives?Row,I know”

Vice Mayor Chen on the phone,Froze for a while and said:“What you just said makes sense,But you have to know,Such a large amount,I don’t count it alone”
“It’s ok,Who do you want to approve,You give me our information,I’ll find him right away,I don’t believe it,Xiping Village has such a good development project,This fund will not be approved”Xia Jian is really a newborn calf,For this purpose。
Vice Mayor Chen’s face changed slightly,Tossed in the folder for a while,Throw a piece of information on the table and say:“This is the information of your village,If you have the skills, go to Mayor Li to sign,If he signs,I will sign immediately”
“it is good!”Xia Jian said,I took the information on the desk of Vice Mayor Chen,Walked towards the door without looking back。
Ouyang Hong shouted and chased,Chased to the stairs,To catch Xia Jian,She gasped and said:“You are really a donkey,You hold this,Don’t even want to enter Mayor Li’s door,Even if you are lucky to get in,Mayor Li took a look,Mayor Chen in charge of our town below did not sign,Why does he sign you?”
Indeed!Just impulsive,Just take this thing out,If this is sent back,He can’t pull down this face,Xia Jian thought of this,Say loudly to Ouyang Hong:“I didn’t go,How do you know that I can’t sign?”
Xia Jian finished,And walked towards Mayor Li’s office on the second floor。This is also when Ouyang Hong went upstairs in the morning,Told him casually,But he remembered。
Ouyang Hong was flushed with anger by Xia Jian,She didn’t expect,This person has a strong temper,Still a master of six relatives,He is going to Mayor Li to sign,She has to keep up,Otherwise, what is this guy making trouble,She can’t explain it。
Xia Jianzheng is walking,Unexpectedly, I bumped into a woman who came across.。
“Look at it while walking, OK?“The woman scolded angrily。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Then exclaimed:“It is you!“
First0145chapter Coincidentally
“Xia Jian!”
“Bai Ruyu!“
Both were equally surprised,Still a woman reacts quickly,Bai Ruyu gave Xia Jian a light fist,Asked quietly:“Why are you here?“