2021 Chongqing Autumn Online Housing Fair: 49 companies 175 projects

  People’s Network Chongqing November 12th Airconditions Recently, 2021 Chongqing Autumn Line On the Housing Fair.

It is reported that this autumn online restroom hosted by the Chongqing Real Estate Association, held for more than 2 months (October 21 – December 31), there are currently 49 companies, 175 projects, buyers You can pay attention to Chongqing online real estate display platform autumn online house exchange topic, inquiry exhibiting project information and preferential measures, convenient viewing house.

  This online exhibition will adhere to the "housing and not fried" positioning, implement the "three stable" goals, continue to support rigidity and improve sexual purchase needs, stabilize the market expectations, promote housing consumption and the real estate market smooth and healthy development.

  Brand house companies have unveiled the available area of ??nearly 5 million Fang, and the exhibition project in this autumn line is 175. Among them, there were 166 projects in the central city of the main city, which basically covered the main sales project of the main city center city.

Vanke, Banguang, Longhu, Jinke, Hong Kong Park, Huayu, OCT, Zhonghai, China Run, Poly, Xuhui, Sunshine City, China Merchants Shekou, Jinhui, Electric Construction, Golden, Zhongjian, etc. Sales TOP20 in the first half of 2021 The business is unveiled.

  Statistics show that this exhibitor provides a total of 4.82 million square meters of tradable commercial housing. Among them, the high-rise commodity house is 1.5 million square meters, the multi-storey garden house is 1.59 million square meters, the low-density residential house is 1.130 million square meters; the non-residential area is 850,000 square meters, of which 240,000 square meters. The commercial housing area is 610,000 square meters; the commercial housing display area is 427 million square meters, and the non-residential area is 440,000 square meters. Many minimum discounts for purchases in order to get more benefits, many exhibitors have launched a variety of preferential measures during the Housing Fair, and further stimulate market vitality. For example, the North Yunshan Yubu project has introduced a housing fair exclusive 10% discount; Yunyun Mountain launched a five major gifts such as visit to court, mysterious gifts, transactions and housing fairs; Jin Hui Yu Yunxiao in the room At the fair, the general manager introduced a special room, the highest discount of 150,000; China Railway Construction West School launched a maximum of 96% discount, the transaction cleansing leaps can enjoy the limited property fee discount, the transaction can participate in the extraction of brand appliances Wait for gifts and equipments during the time limit. In addition to the home, some project commercial properties have also launched preferential measures. For example, Jinli’s own city commercial shop 94% discount.

  More real estate discount information Buyers can scan online autumn pace sequences log in to platform query or go to the project sales department.

  Convenient viewing house 8 big plate One-stop service In order to facilitate home purchase room, this autumn online house rendezvous continues to rely on the real estate display platform of Chuanchuan, open the autumn housing rendezvous area, to Sichuan See the house. Through the opening of the Housing Fair area, the exhibitors, exhibitors, exhibitors, rental housing, popular real estate, purchase discounts, Housing Fair News, Real Estate Consultant Zone 8 sections, from the development of enterprises, commercial housing projects to housing rental display, showing House, selection, rent a room for one-stop service.

  In terms of functional design, it can be based on precision screening functions, according to the area, price, property type, area size and subway, park real estate, Jiangjing real estate, lake scene, etc. Provide more convenient and efficient views for buyers. (Hu Hong, Pan Zhen) (Editor: Huang Ling, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.