Civil Aviation Authority reply to the people’s network users: promoting the project order electronicization support local accelerating navigation construction

In response to the "provisions", it is no longer unified to carry out the baggage size, weight, free luggage amount, overload baggage, small animal transportation, etc. Side of the suitcase. "The Civil Aviation Authority replied, deleting the provisions of the" one knife cut "of the baggage size, weight, free baggage, overloaded bags, reflect the principle of marketization, the purpose of encouraging airlines according to market structure, consumer demand As well as the company’s business characteristics, providing diversified, differentiated aviation services, which makes it easier for passengers to choose more aviation products you need.

If you continue to perform the "one knife cut" style, you can pass the downtown, which will compress the airline to provide innovative services to the market, restrict airlines to improve international competitiveness, and ultimately affect the interests of the majority of passengers. "Regulations" In deleting the above-mentioned regulations, adhering to the "true service" principle, clearly requires the carrier or its aviation sales agent in the sales passenger ticket, in a significant manner, in a significant manner, including luggage size, weight, free Luggage amount, etc. At the same time, further optimize the relevant provisions of the baggage transportation, requiring carriers, ground service agents, airport management agencies to establish a trusting line monitoring system, preventing baggage transportation issues, and focusing on the disposal requirements of luggage delays, loss, damage, etc. "The" Regulations "is officially implemented, the civil aviation administrative organs will strengthen supervision and inspection, urge the airline, and the airport has effectively implemented the regulations, and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of passengers.

"Support local governments to speed up navigation infrastructure construction to create a" dry balance, all network "Air transport network my country is currently accelerating general aviation construction. Some netizens said through the" Leader Message Board "of the People’s Network, hoping to develop navigation, Pay more attention to the construction of navigation facilities in small cities in the Third and four lines, especially in areas where large civil airports and other transportation is not developed to meet the short-distance traffic and other needs in residents.

In this regard, the Civil Aviation Authority replied that the Civil Aviation Authority attaches great importance to the development of General aviation, the Civil Aviation Authority is issuing "General Aviation Development" 14th Five-Year Plan ", netizens to meet the short-distance traffic needs, civil aviation airport and navigation deepen integration, implementation Suggestions such as navigation radiation have been considered in "planning".

First, the development of navigation will be an important task for the construction of the civil aviation in many fields, and focus on solving the realities of the majority of the people and navigators. Strengthen policy supply and system construction, further expand the scope of navigation short transport services, support in terms of remote and ground transportation inconvenience, and build a rail network that is the core, General Airport as a node, to create the aviation of "Dry Body, All Net" Transport network. Second, the planning and construction approval of General Airports is local government affairs. Among them, the layout plan of General Airport is organized by provincial development reform departments, and reports the approval of the provincial people’s government; the new General Airport project is approved by the provincial people’s governments Planning approval.

The Civil Aviation Authority will rely on the establishment of work mechanisms in the province to further deal with the relationship between local matters and central critics, and play the main responsibility of the local government to develop the navigation industry, support local governments to speed up navigation infrastructure construction, and improve the enthusiasm of transportation airport to protect navigation activities. Radiation drives navigation development. The Civil Aviation Authority said that whether it is a "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, promoting public transport aviation and general aviation "two wings" are important content and important tasks for civil aviation overall work.

In 2018, the Civil Aviation Authority jointly issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Order Development of General Airport", further strengthening the guidance of the general airport for local government planning construction. In 2020, the United Finance has revised the "Interim Measures for the Subsidy Management of Civil Aviation Small Airport", which clarifies the subsidy standards for universal airports to ensure the navigation and short-distance transportation business, and has increased support for the support of the SMEs in the central and western transportation.

According to the data, in 2020, the general airport in the country has reached 339, and the number of transportation airports has gradually formed a number of navigation short transport transit linkage hubs; 71 shipping routes are opened, and the passenger is 10,000 people. Double, double in 2015.