The thirsty soul of the old man who is eager to communicate

The thirsty soul of the old man who is eager to communicate

According to the Guangdong Provincial Elderly Public Affairs Research Center’s “Investigation Report on the Mental Life of Urban Elderly in Guangdong Province”, nearly half of the elderly lacked “mental support”, and over 60% of the elderly were alone for more than three hours a day.

These data truly reflect the psychological crisis of the elderly, find a person to chat, oh, or chat, it does not matter, the psychological realm of the elderly can not communicate is a thirsty ridiculous.

  The elderly lack of the latest data on alimony shows that Guangdong has entered the stage of rapid population aging, and the elderly population is 3 per year.

5% speed increase, the absolute number has forced nearly 10 million mark, including more than 2 million senior citizens.

  According to the survey, in general, the income of the elderly in Guangdong’s urban areas is mainly based on pensions, and the pension is at 1000?
The elderly between 3,000 yuan is close to 70%, and the average monthly income is significantly larger than the monthly expenditure.

The data shows that the number of alimony paid by the elderly in urban areas is too large, accounting for only 10%.

14%, the average amount is 634 yuan.

  According to the report, for most elderly people in Guangdong, physical support is no longer a problem, but spiritual support is indeed a common need of the elderly.

  Over 60% of the elderly are lonely and lonely. “I pay for it, help me find someone to chat. It’s really boring to be alone at home all day.” mentioning the 93-year-old Huang Bo from the community to the neighborhood committee, Hualin, Liwan DistrictDirector Chen of the street color garden community will feel a bit sad.

Huang Bo has been retiring at home for more than 30 years. The family is mainly cared for by a nanny who does not understand Cantonese. Therefore, he always wants to chat with Director Chen, but Director Chen is busy with his work.

  Huang Bo’s experience is not a case. The survey shows that more than 60% of the elderly in towns and cities say that they are alone for more than three hours a day, 10 of them.

61% of the elderly are alone for more than 9 hours.

At the same time, more than half (54.

64% of the elderly feel that their emotions are “general”, and those who often or sometimes feel lonely and lonely account for 45.


Nearly half of the elderly in the survey said they have never participated in community activities.

The complete elderly simply do not know what kind of elderly services the community has.

  The 30% old man said that he could not afford the babysitter survey. According to the living conditions of the elderly, in addition to 106 elderly people living with their children’s grandchildren, 258 elderly couples live together, accounting for 52% of the total sample.

16%, 32 elderly people living alone.

  Whether the children’s grandchildren can work and study, if the economic conditions permit, please ask the nanny to become a necessary choice.

In addition to half of the elderly said that it is not necessary, nearly 20% said it is needed, but more than 30% (32.

53% of the elderly said that they could not afford the babysitter, more than 10% (11.

54%) felt “very difficult to ask.”