In Wang Xiaodong’s office,Vocals,Or……It’s a mess。

at30Many hours ago,The Gulf War broke out,The multinational force headed by the United States is known as“The world’s third military power”Iraq launched an offensive。
As soon as the war started,The entire course of the war allowed those who thought that the Americans would“Plunged into the quagmire of the Second Vietnam War”Of military experts from all over the world have broken their glasses,To7Took off from Bucksdale Air Force Base, LouisianaB—52bomber,After a long raid,Fired into Iraq35PiecesAGM-86CLong-range cruise missile,To Iraq, including power plants、Power transmission equipment and military communication centers, etc.8Target launched an attack。
Take this attack as a prelude,In the new high-tech combat mode of the United States,Iraq, which claims to be the third in the world, was defeated.、There is nothing to fight back……
Military experts all over the world were slapped hard.!
But this is not the reason why the leaders of Xifei have become a mess.,The reason that made them mess up into a pot of porridge is the looping video on the TV screen of Wang Xiaodong’s office.:OneAGM-86CLong-range cruise missileB—52Detached from the bomber’s weapon pylon、Then I ignited and ran away……
This video is provided by Chen Geng,This is also the first time in China that we have seen how the Americans started the Gulf War“First shot”,And this picture,Almost all the executives of XAC were shocked.:war,Can still fight like this?
Wang Xiaodong looked at Chen Geng with an obscure face,Said:“Mr. Chen,You said three years ago,in the future,LikeB—52、Figure—95This kind of‘Live target’Level strategic bombers can also give off a second spring……”
In the past two years,Chen Geng has gone through some troubles that cannot be written,Such as the dramatic changes in Sino-American relations, etc.,But fortunately,After his tossing and turning,Finally came over。
“Yes,This is under the new high-tech war conditions,The new use of long-range strategic bombers explored by the United States、Way of fighting,”Chen Geng nodded:“nice**After a detailed analysis, Fang believes that,With the development of science and technology,If you let a large bomber perform a volley bombing mission,Has become more and more difficult,And with the development of aviation technology and missile technology,The survival of large bombers in enemy airspace has also become increasingly difficult,under these circumstances,Must explore high-tech warfare conditions,The new application of bombers……
This is it!”
Pointed to the videotape,Chen Geng continued:“Use large bombers as a launch platform for heavy precision strike weapons in the air,Perform long-range precision missions outside the enemy’s air defense firepower circle,Like thisB-52,Latest modelB-52HCan carry33Tons of various weapons and ammunition,The two bomb bays in the belly can be carried16PiecesAGM-86C,In addition, the two external weapon racks can also be carried12Pieces,Theoretically can be carried28PiecesAGM-86C……Full28A long-range cruise missile,Pharaoh, you say,What kind of blow will this do to the enemy’s key nodes??
if10frameB-52HWhat?What kind of blow will it cause to the enemy??”
Wang Xiaodong has already seenB-52Launched from a bomberAGM-86CLong-range cruise missile drilled in through the window、The scene of skyrocketing fireworks blowing up the Iraqi power plant,This is qualified to be called“Acupuncture”Precision strike,OneAGM—86CCan cause so much damage,Follow Chen Geng’s thoughts,if10frameB-52、total280PiecesAGM-86CWhat?
How big a blow will it cause the enemy?
Took a deep breath,Wang Xiaodong asked:“and so……Mr. Chen,This is how you insisted on developingH6-4s reason?”
Chen Geng laughed twice,Asked:“how about it?Now feel stuck,Everything is worth it?”
Wang Xiaodong did not answer,But he laughed。
Think back now,Chen Geng insisted on continuing developmentH6-4,Without the support of the central government,Even if it is self-funded, we must continue to build this aircraft,I’m afraid he saw today a few years ago。
Think again,According to Chen Geng’s plan,Finally, four single thrusts are used as100KNEngine,H6-4The maximum weapon carrying capacity can reach25Ton,Although Huaxia does not yet have its own long-range cruise missile,But after realizing the power of this weapon,It must be developed vigorously in the future。