“Learned Tuina Massage?”Lu Yi asked suddenly。

“Family of Chinese Medicine,Bruises, swelling and pain,Osteogenesis,Acupuncture Scraping,Ears and eyes……”Feng Xichuan scratched his head,Answered with a smile。
Lu Yi regretted not knowing Feng Xichuan earlier and learned two tricks,Otherwise, I won’t be in a hurry when facing Miss Chan’s injury in the morning。
Prelude-newborn Chapter Fifty-Five Blast mode
“why?Why he?Can Lu Yi shoot the gun of glory??”The Braun sitting on the Oscar team’s support bench is very puzzled,In her eyes,Lu Yi is hopelessly arrogant“special”Suitors。Although there are shining points on her body that can impress her,But she never begs for charity。
With Long Xiyue,In fact, Bailing’s heart is not moved,But emptiness and loneliness plus self-destruction,Want to have a thorough revenge on Lu Yi。It seems that as long as Lu Yi is uncomfortable,She will be satisfied。
but,Braun has withdrawn from various societies three days ago,Never thought that I would meet the reporter’s interview in the Communication University today,I never thought that Lu Yi would come。In her plan,I will sting Lu Yi later,But this is also good,She believes that Long Xiyue will definitely defeat Lu Yi in the game。
“Yo?If there is no substitute, I called a reporter to be a substitute?How it sounds like……Ask the takeaway boy to be a chef in the restaurant?Haha!”Long Xiyue proudly said。
“Come on!Long Shao,You are the best!”Bai Ling said to the upcoming Long Xiyue。
When Long Xiyue heard it, it was like chicken blood,Arrogantly。
“Long Shao,Third round,How long do you plan to send them home?”Pineapple asked in a flattering tone。
“only need to‘BOMM’Bang,I will send them to the west……”Long Xiyue made a blossoming gesture with her hands,Paranoid a bit like the Joker in Batman。
“Audience friends,Hello everyone!After a long break,All contestants from the Communication University and the University of Science and Technology are already in place,Today’s third game,Start immediately!”Missing sauce watched as the audience at the University of Science and Technology left a large space on the scene and said。
“In the third round of the game,‘Blast mode’!Blast mode as a classic mode of shooting competitions,Has always been the preferred mode for various large-scale competitions,which is‘Offensive’Need to use a time bomb to destroy the target,and‘Defender’To prevent the target from being destroyed。Blasting mode requires high team cooperation,Therefore, the competition is also recognized as the strongest!”Haruno Sakura Road。
“Except for the most common way to win‘Annihilate all enemies’outer,In blast mode,If the attacking party planted a time bomb in the designated area,even if‘Defender’All offensive players,Must also disarm the time bomb within the specified time,To win;on the contrary,once‘Offensive’If you successfully detonate the bomb, you can win!This is also known as this model‘Blast mode’s reason。”Mr. Sakata explained。
“I really listened to the explanation of the two,Even my little white game knows‘Blast mode’the rule of,Really worth it!”Missing sauce joked。
“Let’s enter the game loading time together!”