A blank in the mind of the Qinling。

Her understanding and resistance,But it turns into the temptation to refuse to welcome,A heat is full of whole body。
Foot and ten seconds,Just when Qinling gasped,I feel the lips。
And she is also as exhaustive.,Whole chitious body is soft in the summer of summer,Wearing a roughness。
Heart is like a deer。
Shy,anger,Stimulate,Mixed into a strange full body。
Small space in the car,The atmosphere has also become awkward。
only,Summer next sentence completely broke the atmosphere,Also let Qinling can’t escape immediately。
“Old Qin,About?”Summer licked lips,“I haven’t slept for a long time.。http://www.qdscy.cn
“roll,Your 龌蹉 龌蹉。”
Qinling suddenly bodied,It’s just that the face is full of red.,A pair of beautiful water, still remains in spring,“I tell you,I am not a casual person。”
“So I solve your opinion.,Say happiness,About?”Summer http://www.tiansilang.cnlicked your own lips,There is still some aftertaste。
Qinling hate must not immediately pounce on his face.,This damn guy is so shameful,Not forgive。
“make an appointment,I naturally and you?”Qinling bite teeth。
“real?”Summer eyes bright,“That hurriedly,You must also be hungry and is difficult.?”
I am hungry?
Glow your grandmother。
Qinling mouth,Forced to endure yourself,A smile,“You first get off the trunk to close the trunk.。”
Summer picking your eyebrows,Look back,really,I don’t know when the trunk is open.……Um,It should be too fierce reasons just now.。
There is no punishment,Summer open car door。
However,Just when he just came behind,Qinling suddenly launched the car,At the same time, stepping into the throttle,A thick smoke。
http://www.yifeitea.cn “Depend on,Do you have a hairy?。”Summer angry voice came。
“Hahaha,I did that on purpose,Dirty。”
Laughter,Maserati an acceleration,Rolling and galloping。