Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen:Spider raid,Meet officially

“It’s almost time to find the one away from home”
Fuming tidy up the clothes,As a big family in the city,You can find it after a little inquiries,There are many people in front of the door with their heads out and looking inside,Seems to be waiting for someone。
A commotion in the crowd,A tall and beautiful woman appeared,Lixingyu,Watching the crowd below,A smile on the corner of the mouth,Looks very comfortable。
“Keep everyone waiting,Please come here to register for the person who takes the task”
The crowd began to line up consciously,Fuming is a little surprised,These people are obviously not people away from home,Actually so.
Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen:Farewell master and apprentice,The giant snake appears!
Qu Anlie was directly defeated by a fire group in Lingxi,Qu Anlie’s eyes are full of helplessness,Since Fuming and leaving,How can I explain to Lingxi?,Life and death just want to go out。
“Combat skills-Bing Linghua!”
A huge ice flower appeared,Block the fire of Nirvana,The dean’s figure appeared in front of Qu Anlie。
“You rest for a while,Let me talk to Lingxi!”
Qu Anlie stepped aside,Relax in my heart。