“what’s the situation?”Next to the military school kicked the group army kicked on the ground,“There are other students who have supported it.?”

Jinhai doesn’t know,He picked up these light guns,separated:“Let’s go downstairs to other buildings.。”
As a result, a group of people just went out,I saw a team of skeleton machine tail.,Like the spider, I climbed the opposite teaching building roof.,Jump to another building。
“Trough!”The shock of the military school students can’t cover up,“I can jump so far wearing a skeleton machine.,Climb so fast?Which class of the school sister?”
The best of the first military academy has been taken away.,But only 3,000,There are still many excellent military schools in the rest.。
“Let’s go to another building。”Jinhai quickly changed the plan。
They have four directions of this total,I want to do my best possible to disperse those group army’s force,Delay time,Let other military schools to find faculties and students。
This batch of military schools ran to another building to run a gun.,At this time, Zuo Luo has solved the group army.,Her speed is more than doubled than the team member。
Jinhai Gang hit a few group army,Can’t shoot,Can only fight,He will 狠 狠 on the rail,The eyes were attracted by the familiar black shadow that was brushed below.。
This is also the speed that people can run.?!
Probably aware of the situation,More and more group armies began to come over,Jinhai and others stand on the building,Start shooting,Let those groups can only hide temporarily,But very fast group army began counterattack,Not only shield,Also ready to carry a box of four generation robot dogs。
“withdraw!”Jinhai see them to put four generation robot dogs,Immediately let the surrounding students are ready to leave。
Haven’t taken a few steps yet,I was pulled by my classmates.:“See!”
After those four generations of robots, they were released.,One red eye card,Not flying,The body is slowly distorted,Like artificial mind。
“broken?Hahaha!”There is a military school, did not endure a laughter。
The group army below did not expect this.,Immediately put all other four-generation robot dogs all,However, there is no one to move。
The gold sea that I have to go is not gone.,Do you want these http://www.mosashop.cn robots?,The first two days have Jiaban officials,Coupled with them and some skeleton machines and weapons,I can easily get rid of these groups.。
Zuo Luo Huan and her team members are extremely fast,The group of the group attracted,It is not much,It is not difficult to handle it.。
She swept her down toward Jinhai.,Never,The skeleton machine team is nearby。
The military school students of these buildings are not much,Zuo Luo guess they may just be transferred,What should there be other military schools?。
“What do you want to do??”Zuo Luo hits a military school to have a military school。
“what?”That military school is staring at her,Be in the enemy,Also tried to rack the gun to align Zuo Luo Huan,“Who are you?!”
Zuo Luohiro grabbed his gun:“The next enemy is so close to you.,Take the gun first。”
http://www.jdbjm.cn Say,She took off her skeleton machine.,Her face,It’s rapidly wearing it.。
Whole first military school,Who doesn’t know Zuo Luo,This suddenly exposed his face:“School sister,I!”
Zuo Luo,It is a big freshman in the dark。
“I am coming back.?”
“tell you later,What are you going to do now??”Zuo Luo。
“The first two days ago and the more than 300 students were taken away.。”This school sister immediately explained,“We want to find them,Most of the schools are occupied by those who are rebellious group armies.。”
“Only grabbed more than 300 military school students?”Zuo Luo。
All shook his head:“At the beginning, I cracked more than 2,000 students at the parking lot.,It is just weekend that day.,Later, I was stopped when I was in the school.,They can’t present the documents and want to force in.。”
Zuo Luo http://www.hnsewingmachine.cn is thinking,I am afraid that the gap will not expect the group army.。
really,Next, the school girl:“They played in,Good in the instructor,Organize us quickly set,But outside the military school is surrounded.,We have consumed a lot of days here.,Everyday guerrilla warfare。”
NS 111 chapter(Which is throwing)
“You feel that the Jiaban official is closed??”Zuo Luo, “I am going to find。”
“North and experimental building。”Schoolmate,“We went elsewhere these days.,Only haven’t found it over there。”
Fortunately, the eighty group army is,The students of the first military academy each year are almost divided by the federal groups., This group army is familiar with the first military school geographic location., So even if the group army spreads all over the school, The remaining military school students hide for a few days through the familiarity of the school。