Cantonese is close to 10 billion yuan this year to promote old community transformation

  The author has learned from the Provincial Department of Finance that this year, Guangdong increased its efforts to promote the renovation of urban old community. At present, there are nearly 10 billion yuan in financial funds, which is from central capital billions, an increase of 69% from the previous year, and promote urban old. The cell transformation is landing.

  Not only guarantees financial funds, but the Provincial Department of Finance also guides all the way to fully stimulate market vitality, explore the establishment of a diversified urban old community renovation fund financing mechanism, attracting various social capital participation.

For example, Guangzhou Yongqingfang micro-transformation project introduced 100 million yuan in social funds to carry out industrial development as the leading repair of old houses, enhancing the environmental quality of the area, and stimulating new vitality of the old district, forming the development of old districts and promoting economic development. The win-win situation; also established a "joint creating" workshop, carrying out the "Community Street Square" activities, calling on residents to plan, brainstorm, but also to guide residents for 4.9 billion yuan in the past three years.

  In order to accelerate the implementation of the promotion project, our province gives full play to the leadership role of community party organizations.

For example, the pilot renovation project of Xinzhongyuan, Meizhou City, established a Temporary Party Branch, took the initiative to convene party members and resident representatives to hold a symposium, gradually solving the residents’ business store "open wall hole", illegally intended emergency rescue channel, etc. problem.

The Provincial Department of Finance also urges the guidance department to establish the concept of "first to do things, post-row money", and jointly do a good job in the pre-planning and project reserves of urban old community transformation, and speed up the implementation of the project.

  Guangdong also took the lead in the renovation provincial-level pilot of urban old communities in Guangzhou, Foshan, Meizhou and Jiangmen. Through micro-transformation, "three-wire" and retain traditional architectural style, Guiyi Community, Guicheng Street, Nanhai District, Foshan City Typical cases, and make their modification mode, experience in the province’s copy promotion. (Reporter / Xiao Wenzhao correspondent / Yue Cai Xuan).